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  • Re: CrossFire Stars 2018 National Final - Europe

    Team Name : gudeteam Team Logo : Captain Discord : henRy#8743 Captain IGN : henRy Team Profile Links :
    Posted to E-Sports and Tournaments (Forum) by KoraLLCF on 10-08-2018
  • Re: Ak47 one-hit headshot

    BP is not just against AK? AK usually is the one who can penetrate bp and it makes perfect sense. Just because you cash and use your pay2win it's cool for you, but in ESL you can't use it and then there's so much less chance to kill a sniper it's just annoying. M4a1 does make 1 hit head without and 2 with BP, like in every other shooter
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by KoraLLCF on 03-21-2018
  • Ak47 one-hit headshot

    Hello CF Community and Admins and Forum users, like in the title stated, it is pretty obvious what I want to suggest. Im getting annoyed so often by how I hit someone headshot on long range 99 with AK47, not even long range, already mid range it happens. And the thing is, you can't peek AWM on a mid-long range because you have no chance to kill
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by KoraLLCF on 03-21-2018
  • Re: MOD Forum Event - What is your favorite shotgun in Crossfire? [March 11th-13th]

    My favorite shotgun is Spas 12 Ares Slug because it is the smoother variant of the slugs and the ares skin fits perfectly on that gun. IGN: KoraLL
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by KoraLLCF on 03-11-2017
  • Re: Kicking Abuse

    We can't even see who kicks us. And when they do i'm already out of the room..
  • Kicking Abuse

    Hi i'm KoraLL, the problem is, that I am getting kicked ALL the time out of a game. I kill someone with a headshot, he writes: "kick korall hak" and i'll get kicked. This community is full of Kids and you'll be kicked all the time reasonless. You never can finish a game if you are Ace or doing some headshots. The community is why
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