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  • Re: Product Manager Letter - 1st March 2018

    The thing is that the cfg website was running by the real CFGermany clan from NA, not the f*ke clan from EU. I've sent several Screenshots where members of their clan were insulting other players just to see them playing again on the same day i got a response from supporting team. Sure, Reactions asked for a content creator account like some people
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by Nyumix3 on 03-11-2018
  • Re: Product Manager Letter - 1st March 2018

    Hey, haven't posted anything here for a pretty long time and with a good reason. Quite sad to see such improvements so late. I've mentioned these things a year ago and saying that you guys don't have an example of how the forum and homepage will be, is a lie... It was also a lie when you told us that you won't re-release limited or pretty
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by Nyumix3 on 03-11-2018
  • Re: Woo~ good job!

    meh :< i don't like everything of the patch... Especially not this M4 Noble beast >_< makes me wanna punch people in their face, if i see them with it ingame.
  • Re: Q> Weekly featured map

    You'll get the rewards only once. Doesn't matter if you play 40/60 or even 80 games, you've got the rewards after 20 games and it's done. People would otherwise farm the games a whole week to get as many capsules as somehow possible.
    Posted to Questions & Answers (Forum) by Nyumix3 on 10-12-2017
  • Re: some dll files missing..

    [quote user="JustJacky"] I did that.. cant u just send them to mee ?? please :3 [/quote] No one will send you these files due to some reasons of security. Just follow the steps i wrote before and everything should be fine. Also, sharing files here is prohibited, because it's easier than ever before to inject some sort of virus. And if
    Posted to Technical Issues (Forum) by Nyumix3 on 10-10-2017
  • Re: some dll files missing..

    Usually exactly those dlls are missing, if you're using Avast or Avira and forget to add an exclusion to your antivirus, because these dlls are especially encrypted with Themida, which was also quite often used for viruses. Many low budget antiviruses instantly turn the alert bell on, when they detect Themida encrypted files, no matter what it exactly
    Posted to Technical Issues (Forum) by Nyumix3 on 10-06-2017
  • Re: Coupons

    Keep in mind that they try to have unique weapons, which will and were never in capsules. Adding a "new skin" to a weapon every month isn't that much exciting, if you know they also could add new weapons like the PGM Hécate II sniper rifle, FN Five-Seven pistol or even an HK433 rifle. -1 Prefer fresh and unused weapons in long periods
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by Nyumix3 on 10-06-2017
  • M82A1-Barret?!?

    Well, i guess there is a typo for the Barrett M82A1 in the game itself. Do i have to say anything additional after this?
    Posted to Bug Reports (Forum) by Nyumix3 on 09-29-2017
  • Re: Gif Respond Thread

    Posted to Posting Games (Forum) by Nyumix3 on 09-29-2017
  • Re: Breath down for GP

    Breath down for GP would be great *-* it would balance the game and people with AKs in GR team would have big problems to pinpoint ghosts.
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by Nyumix3 on 09-23-2017
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