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Can't update

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MarkoStub posted on 09-14-2018 5:42


And on my 2nd PC I get the similar but "Finish 10" error. What is going on?


Even tried to uninstall, clean up, restart, redownload client and reinstall and it's not working..

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1. If you was playing other pirated CF game versions ( [dont mention illegal CF versions] ) ,

go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc delete hosts, restart PC

(  illegal cf versions add in hosts file few lines to redirect all IP's from legal CF versions )


2. Your game location should be added to antivirus and firewall exceptions - but if you are using avast you must uninstall avast first, restart pc, update game, then install avast back and add CF to exceptions so next time won't be needed to uninstall antivirus -

( because even you turn off avast - will keep blocking cf files, and any other changes that was not added to exceptions before start updating )

IGN: TheShadowRO

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