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cant play the game anymore

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prettymoffa posted on 09-10-2018 0:49

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Hello, prettymoffa!


Please close all 3rd party programs before you run the game and turn off your antivirus.

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@ prettymoffa

That error is mostly common issue for a rezolution problem,

Try reset game setting and launch on compatibility mode :


1. Check if you have latest GPU drivers , update if needed

2. Reset your game settings manually like this:

Go to ... My Documents\ Cross Fire , delete all files with .dat extension

3. Check if game location is added to antivirus and firewall exceptions (add if is not)

4. Start game as administrator and compatibility mode windows 7.

- Set game fullscreen and game rezolution same as your desktop (also 1024x768 or 1366X768 if you are using a laptop should work fine), leave gamma at default value 50%

IGN: TheShadowRO

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