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Laser Dagger & ALPHA char bug

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AfterLifeGod Posted: 08-16-2018 19:34


I recently found a visual bug, nothing big but wanted to mention it anyways.

The bug works as follows; if you are holding a laser dagger and you use one of the emotes the ALPHA character has, when the emote finishes (or when you skip the emote bij clicking) the 'laserpart' of the laserdagger dissapears. You can still knife as you used to, but the laser is gone. 

As I said it isn't a big bug, but still worth mentionning I suppose.


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Thank you for this report!

Although this was reported some time ago, another push report is always good thing.

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Oh, I read some bug reports back, but couldn't find the same one.

Thanks for reading anyway! :)


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