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Mileage Shop Bug

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ijkmm1770 Posted: 08-01-2018 11:45

Hello, Today I'm entered to play crossfire in order to get the The montly MP points to get shocked that

my MP Points had dropped from 22,000 to 12,000 Which I stored to buy some permanent weapons and the VVIP Weapons had nine days to repurchase but today the purchase became possible,

 I think the problem is that Mileage Shop restores itself to a month ago, including my points that I wasted in nothing tense

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On the first of every month the mileage shop resets.

The reset deducts your total MP to 12 000 MP, or leaves it the same if you had under 12k MP.
The reset also resets the timer on items.

This is intentional and there is a reset timer on the bottom of your screen.

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