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Ranked clan wars needs to be fixed

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paddy369 down [down] Posted: 03-13-2018 23:04

I just had a ranked game in clan wars. Well, everything was normal, they were worthy opponents for us. Then suddenly, in half-time, 2 more people just fvcking joined the match. All at once I found myself in a 3vs5 match again. I asked the enemy clan, to make sure 2 of them leave, well that didn't work out. Of course they destroyed us in that 3v5. So now I am asking myself: Why is that possible?? What the hell Crossfire? You can't be serious....

How do you avoid this? And just why?

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What is a ranked clan war? O.o


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This is a bug that exist in the game since the clan war mode was released. It was reported way back then and it's been forwarded to the GM's and let's hope for a fix. :)

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