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Product Manager Letter - 1st March 2018

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CrisCrosss Posted: 03-01-2018 16:27

Hello everybody,

PM_CrisCross reporting from Berlin. Today I want to talk a little more about some of the things that are coming in the very near future.

But in the same way as last time I want to give our Portuguese community an update about MEO and their performance issues on Delta.

I don’t want to get too technical, but the root of the issue seems to be that some of MEOs traffic is routed in a sub-optimal way between Portugal and Frankfurt causing the increased ping that you were suffering from in Delta. This issue unfortunately did not move for quite some time as all requests to MEO to look into the situation seemed to fall on deaf ears. But very recently there has been a development: Our datacenter apparently has found some things they can tweak on their own and started to work on this. The minute we learn of any improvements, we will let you know and until then we will continue to push for a solution.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program: I mentioned in the last letter that we were working on setting up our plans for 2018, and now I am happy to say that the first part of the year is planned out and it is looking great! I want to focus on the Mileage System and the new website and forum by answering questions we have seen from your side and answering questions that I think you might be interested in.


Mileage System

Q: Will we get the Mileage System?
A: Yes

Q: But when?
A: If all goes well, mid-March.

Q: Will we get the same shop other versions have?
A: No. Ours will be markedly different in a very good way :)

Q: What is a ‘very good way’???
A: Umm I can’t really say yet, but the answer starts with V and ends with P

Q: But the Xuan Yuan Sword will be there, right??
A: Don’t worry, it will be there!

Q: Can you add the Broken Kukri to the shop?
A: It will most likely not be in the first iteration of the shop, but we want to add it later.


Website / Forum 

Q: When will the new website and forum be released?
A: This is still slightly up in the air as we are in the middle of the final push to get everything done. We are hoping to have everything in place as the next big thing after the Mileage Shop. Sorry for not being able to give precise info but my boss would get very angry if I said more. ;)

Q: How do the new website and forum look like?
A: I cannot give a preview of the website yet but here are some screenshots of the new forum:


Q: Will the website look similar to the forum?
A: No the style is a bit different, however the ‘art style’ will be similar if that makes sense ;)

Q: Will the new forum / website be optimized for mobile?
A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Will we lose anything moving from the old to the new forum?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot move everything, quite a bit of stuff can not be moved as it is not compatible with the new forum. The good news is that the Mod team already had access to the new forum for testing and they are working on saving all important posts and preparing them for the move.

Q: Will we, as veteran users, get any memento of the old forum?
A: Glad you asked so specifically ;) – Yes there will be a special badge for you guys!

Q: I like that we have the event tracker for keeping track of my event progress, but it is really not looking good and does not give enough information. Will it be improved?
A: Yes it will be much better on the new website. We revamped the full thing, from looks to functionality, all is so, so much better now.


This is all I got for now – as mentioned initially, these were questions we already saw / that we think might interest you. Feel free to ask more about these two topics and I will try to answer you to the best of my knowledge!

Before I end this letter, I want to remind all of you that you can follow the CROSSFIRE matches of the IEM Expo Invitational on our Twitch channel, don’t miss it!


Have fun watching the stream and have a great weekend,

Your PM_CrisCross


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Well dome! Beautifull work ❤️

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Looking forward to it!


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Sounds great!

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@PM_CrosCross Please add new clan marks

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This forum doesnt look nice... pffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


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#Make CrossFire Europe Great again! Great work everyone:D

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Love it..But no info about upcoming patch (MAP/MODE ,CAPS )

[Crossfire Europe Contributor]

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fp which we have will be transferred to mp?Or we have everything to spend before the upgrade?

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fp which we have will be transferred to mp?Or we have everything to spend before the upgrade?

we have to spend it


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Mileage System, new Forum and Website soon, a good and needed step in my opinion.

The new forum looks good enough, as long as it's not entirely black, and has a bit of different colors, otherwise it will look "dead" in a way.

All I ask now is to renew the weapon collection and to fix high priority bugs requested a long time ago, then put new maps and so.

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Good news, good improvings, keep it. 


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My friend "Badge for old forum users" I have been here since 2012 but I was a kid of 11 and thought it was fun to hack.. now I'm here with 2014 account.. do I require the "old forum" stats to get the badge :D ?

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I am so happy about this!

It really tells us that you care a lot about the game.


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