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[Patch Notes] 07/12/2017 - Toy Castle

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Walleo Posted: 12-07-2017 0:01


Toy Castle - Get involved in playful, yet deadly games in this playground for grown mercenaries!


Steyr TMP-Gold Black Dragon (Gold Black Dragon RP Capsule) - What a beauty it has a dragon on it. A dragon!

CBJ-MS (Dual Hatchet GP Capsule) - A hundred shots in a very light SMG. Watch out!


Weekly Featured Map Have fun in the Toy Castle and go back to the real Castle the week after!

Daily Playtime Play 30 minutes every day to receive wintery rewards!

Road to Christmas & Santa's Wishllist Fulfill personal and community goals to receive rewards. Maybe Santa will even grant you a wish!?

FFA Killmas - Get kills in FFA and receive rewards daily and weekly.

Hot Time Event EXP & GP Weekend!

Ongoing: Monthly Event

[Bug Fixes]

Fixed: M4A1 Rio 30 days did not count towards the weapon collection

Fixed: Wall glitch on Desertstorm (S&D)

Fixed: Missing +5 sprite on AK-47-Knife-Black

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Pm  Letter?


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Pm  Letter?

He is on vacation atm. Will surely write one for you guys if he is back :)

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Ok , can someone, MOD or GM confirm that the map Criscros  mentioned in the last PM Letter which will come later this month is ONLY the Xmas one?


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