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ShadY says goodbye CF!

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ShadY up [up] Posted: 12-06-2017 19:04

Hello Community!

For some of you this might come out of a sudden, but for me it was just a matter of time until this day comes. This is my goodbye from Crossfire Europe!

First of all, the game is no longer what it used to be for me. It's going into a direction I can no longer withstand. Starting with the performance issues like freezes, disconnects and errors, which I already gave up on to ever get fixed.. and continues with rereleases of weapons that used to be rare over and over again, even tho we have been told it's not going to happen anymore. The fact that the game balance itself became a total mess is surely a factor for me too. New players now getting totally overpowered weapons, which the community supports for balancing reasons. But is it really the right thing to flood the game with even more overpowered weapons? I wished to see more games with AK, M4, AWM, QBZ etc, instead what I see now is M4 VIP, Steyr TMP, 9A91, Slug shotguns that can kill you with 1 hit from 200 meters away (I think this wasn't the suppose of shotguns) and so on. It simply takes away the competition that once made this game exciting for me.

The only things that kept me in this game were my clan and the friends I made here. I met many great people since I started playing CF and I made some unforgetable memories which Im happy about. But this is not enough to keep putting time into something I can barely enjoy anymore. Recently I barely talked to anybody and ignored most of the messages I received. This was nothing personal against anyone, just a sign that it was time to stop for me. I made people that I care about upset and I hurt those who are important to me lately, which surely was not my intention. I want to prevent this from happening again in the future. So I think its better for me if I quit for good.

I wish everyone who still plays this game all the best and a happy life! Thanks for all the support in the last years. I enjoyed helping where I could.

Goodbye rose

Goodbye CF EU

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Goodbye Shady

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That's the right decision, when it reaches a point where you're more frustrated about everything than it brings joy and fun to you, it's just not worth your lifetime.

With all the other people that used to be on teamspeak leaving or becoming inactive the last thing that was really fun (playing together with friends) left along with them.

Hope you'll find something new to spend your time with :D




p.s. by that I mean get Pubg already qq

Have fun wasting your time with this hopeless game, Smilegate clearly shows 0 interest in making it enjoyable again.

I'm out peace

You'll find me here

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Many things that you mentioned are relatable for me, but friends keep me playing this game...

Goodbye Shady I wish u good luck in your future!

Ma name Tony

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I had a blast playing with you! You seemed like a real nice guy and I would've loved to play more with you.

Just asking. What'll happen with your Forum MOD role? And who'll lead Exalted from now?

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Goodbye was nice meeting you brotha.peace

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I'm sorry to see you go like this Shady :(


Most of what we care about CF is game quality, population, good content and our experience in it. As veterans, each and every one of those vanished and kept going away and keep us so frustrated with CF. So many ideas, things that we wanted to happen to keep us playing the game, such as preventing extremely OP weapons being released, extreme constant freezing due to weapon rendering because of locked REZ files and more. Some people who disrespect others and simply friends who quit CF because Katfish left really left people apart and felt bad for it.

These things makes us so sad because the developers simply do not care about us CF EU. The server lag still keeps happening and they still don't support helping us more. It's just sad that even bugs that us mods reported 10 months ago still haven't been fixed (Shipyard monster invisible spawn bug, VVIP char kick, M4A1 walking wobble, and much more), being forgotten or even ignored by the devs.

I'm sad to see the person who kept with me even when I passed hard times before, who made me happy with my M4-H win, who supported me everyday and who I spoke with every day. I will never forger our happy days with each other playing events and Biohazard together.


I hope everything sorts out with you Shady. Best wishes from me. Stay well and good bye sorry

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Not only you gonna quit this game after playing it for years.

I will aswell.

Cya and have a nice time.


Yours Easton

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So sad to see your leaving, Shady,  T.T

When I heard it I couldn't believe it because you are one of the veterans "old school players" who have been here forever.

Anyway, I wish you all the best in the future. heart 


// bliXten



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If mods leaving the game, crossfire have big problems.Good luck Shady :)  


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Its always sad when Veteran players  leave the game , even more someone like you  who has helped people for 6 years now.  One of my top 3 enemies in this game , a worthy enemy , who put a lot of time and work to help this game grow and become to what is now is leaving. I think im speaking for the Majority of the people,   Thanks for everything Shadster, i wish you all the luck in whatever you choose to do in your life. rose And HappyHolidays.



Ps Katfish, Sushie and Pulse  wish good luck too !


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I'm not really surprised you chose to leave CF. The whole last year you seemed like you lost interest in this game and it was a matter of time until you take that decision. I pretty much lost interest as well for the same reasons you mentioned, but for some reason still nostalgia and daily routine keeps me in CF. I'm really glad I had the chance to meet you and maintain a good friendship with you. And of course I'm really thankful for trusting me with serious matters. I had a great time playing with you this game. I really hope you will have everything sorted out and enjoy your life the best you can. 

Will also give you a proper goodbye from KiK :P

Farewell, friend. Take care. ;)

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It was in fact only a matter of time as Ghost said. I cannot relate to the frustration that you experience in the subject of lag since I've always lagged (qq) but the path this game has been going to has screwed us all over in nearly every possible way. The game is not enjoyable anymore, I think we can all find truth to this in varying degrees. I do wish that CF could go back >2013 where there was some progress to be expected. 

Nevertheless, the years I've played this game was indirectly and directly because of you. The clans you've led had me connect with several influential people that have left a positive mark, as well as when I used to be in your ts channel full of Germans all talking in German while listening to German rap. It the most German thing ever. 

We're all still connected. Right now we may not be on the same road anymore, but we still have that connection- and perhaps maybe we still might all join again in a same or different place/game. 

Your multiple years of loyalty, dedication and service to this game and community have left you as a figure of high regards to the vast majority of players.
It's sad that you're going, but also extremely understandable. I wish you nothing but success for your future, a life of pleasure and happiness, and an experience like no other. Keep rockin' it like you always do

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