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Zhaoo replied on 09-10-2017 22:23 | Locked

The best thing I did this summer is an internship in Poland.

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lisaknows replied on 09-10-2017 23:41 | Locked

Best thing what i did on summer was working hard and afterwards rewarded my self with nice food, shopping etc..:)



IGN : Freya.

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Miguelzinh replied on 09-11-2017 0:52 | Locked

The best thing me did on summer was.... Sleep and Play Games! ahaha :D




IGN: -[Panda.

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eris02 replied on 09-11-2017 7:22 | Locked

making alot off holydays in deferent countys and this is perfect :D


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Nightwind123 replied on 09-11-2017 8:16 | Locked

Don't know for best but I for sure know what I do worst this summer :) Didn't go on vacation :(

Will make it right next year and that will be what I do best on summer next year :)

IGN: NightWind

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SUPERCHINO replied on 09-11-2017 8:22 | Locked

Sleep and play Crossfire




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ValDaniel replied on 09-11-2017 11:37 | Locked

Playing cf :D


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Nempion replied on 09-11-2017 13:19 | Locked

I was just looking for the best possible way to avoid my school and dont see it for the 2 months on the holidays :D I was just burned out from all the exams and stuff so i really needed a pause tense


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asodoafawrfa replied on 09-11-2017 14:16 | Locked

I was raving and spending all my family money

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Zgou2509 replied on 09-11-2017 17:33 | Locked

Sleep and relax and hot brazilian.. :)


IGN: *Hot*Baby*

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mitsorubi replied on 09-11-2017 18:50 | Locked

IGN: mitsorubi


we moved to a new flat.

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