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renatoilym replied on 09-10-2017 14:37 | Locked


  IGN: Renato_ILYM   


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trelos13 replied on 09-10-2017 14:55 | Locked

I went to Mykonos. I spent all my money to belvederes like an original and greek ``gipaetos'' (It`s a bird xD). I liked the fact that many " karxies"(girls i mean) were around my table, asking for a glass of belve.

IGN: [i]Nev3rDiE?

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CzSprinter replied on 09-10-2017 15:08 | Locked

The best thing i have done in summer was playing Crossfire EU all day without worry about school or waking early.



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aRealStone replied on 09-10-2017 15:55 | Locked

Enjoying the nightlife of berlin!


IGN: aRealStone-*

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sgsrgaseghsw replied on 09-10-2017 16:12 | Locked

Watched the entire Rick and Morty series in like two days.

IGN: chuck*NO*ris

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mambo150 replied on 09-10-2017 17:16 | Locked

Introduction week with some other students. Too bad more than 40% of my group went because of injuries. :(

IGN: mambo150

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flockZ replied on 09-10-2017 17:19 | Locked

A quad tour trough the desert :D

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flockZ replied on 09-10-2017 17:20 | Locked

... forgot my IGN


A quad tour trough the desert :D


IGN: GX.flockZ

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xVermillion replied on 09-10-2017 17:27 | Locked

Went to see my favorite band in Berlin.

IGN: Vermillion

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stevengood replied on 09-10-2017 17:50 | Locked

i went to sea x)

IGN: -Earth]Quake

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Entropyst replied on 09-10-2017 18:26 | Locked

Got a decent amount of sleep :c

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Walleo replied on 09-10-2017 18:36 | Locked

Walk out of the same house

Walleo | Forum Moderator

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Gouemabi replied on 09-10-2017 20:26 | Locked

The best thing what i did this summer is open again my pc after a while xD

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etrodz replied on 09-10-2017 20:54 | Locked

Started working as MKT Assistant! up

IGN: Rodzilla

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Kalenderovic replied on 09-10-2017 21:28 | Locked

I have only BAD /3 my father die :3

IGN: BE*Snox 

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