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aRealStone replied on 08-19-2017 6:22 | Locked

Sniper rose


IGN: aRealStone-*

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Tirador47 replied on 08-19-2017 6:44 | Locked

For me, shotgun and sniper. Shotgun for small maps and sorpresive attack, sniper rifle (bolt action) for long maps. For mid range a good anaconda or DE handgun. :D

Obviously, for bio (my favourite) I need a MG or the AA Buster.

IGN: Longbill

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mitsorubi replied on 08-19-2017 6:57 | Locked

Rifle. I'm a csgo player and crossfire is broken as Headshot!, but atleast you can onetap with an AK-47 and feel good xd

PS: i'm not saying csgo is not broken, but it's still more playable.

IGN: mitsorubi

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eris02 replied on 08-19-2017 6:58 | Locked

My Favorite weapon class is Rifle M4a1-Gold , because have a good skin and is so pretty good and all players love classic weapon like this love

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strontzak replied on 08-19-2017 7:33 | Locked

Rifles because they are almost good in every situation.

ign: FoeYongHai

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IamWolf1 replied on 08-19-2017 7:33 | Locked

Rifle gun

IGN ImWolf

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WarriorCF replied on 08-19-2017 7:46 | Locked

Machine Gun

Because I played a lot of Bio modes.


IGN: Warrior-CF

The real Warrior-CF :}

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GhostGR replied on 08-19-2017 8:38 | Locked

AK47 is love

AK47 is life

Rifles all the way!

IGN: Chaos

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kuroma2 replied on 08-19-2017 8:48 | Locked

i prefer rifle class, powerful and speed

IGN : Bn.Harunastarhorn

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AntoPR0DIGY replied on 08-19-2017 10:06 | Locked

MG, because is good to have it in every situation.


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WinstonBG replied on 08-19-2017 10:09 | Locked

I'd go with rifle class. I hate snipers and aside from m12s SMG everything else is kinda useless. Shotguns... eh... sometimes. Rifles are trustworthy in almost any situation. 



IGN - WinstonBG

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DonRubinski replied on 08-19-2017 10:19 | Locked


IGN: DonRubinski

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RustyDubt1 replied on 08-19-2017 10:20 | Locked

P90-Wild shot fatal wasp my fav weapon (smg class) love

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renatoilym replied on 08-19-2017 12:36 | Locked

sniper cause ever since i started to play cf i always liked to play with it no matter which sniper i use

  IGN: Renato_ILYM   


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iNeVitaL replied on 08-19-2017 12:59 | Locked

Rifles, because most of them balance automation, damage and recoil quite well.

IGN: _iNeVitaL.DD

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