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MOD Forum Event - If you could change 1 thing about your favorite map, what would it be?

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sgsrgaseghsw replied on 08-12-2017 10:12 | Locked

Does it count if i name a map that's not my fav?

That would be merida on hero mode, and i'd change the playerbase so that Respect clan doesn't farm and ruin the game every time.

But if you want my favorite, i'd say eagle eye, and i'd change.......i guess the small step, when you're BL and you go through mid and then right, if you try jumping through the window into GR's base there's a small step behind you that makes life difficult. Remove that please.


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adelina111 replied on 08-12-2017 10:41 | Locked

On New Years to be fewer boxes!


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WarriorCF replied on 08-12-2017 10:48 | Locked

Jungle Temple map. I will change all wide grenades to throwing knife and add more trees in the map. Because It will be fun and it will feel like a ninja throwing shuriken (knife) from the bushes or trees.


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renatoilym replied on 08-12-2017 11:15 | Locked

nyf - change the bridge woods or whatever that is where theres a space to hs between them and theres always 2 or 3 guys there prepared to kill whoever goes there :)

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bomberbam replied on 08-12-2017 11:40 | Locked

i would add top layer on egypt map so there you could spawn with snipers and if you had a sniper in bag you couldnt go to down layer and there would be no campers with snipars 

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t4sosGR replied on 08-12-2017 11:44 | Locked

There is one thing that really needs to be changed. And that is the Fall Damage in Sewer, where people camp down and make you suicide.  


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GRBLGRBL replied on 08-12-2017 11:57 | Locked

Castle. One more tower.



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xVermillion replied on 08-12-2017 13:16 | Locked

The thought behind this basically is fixing the shot from GR-Stairs into the BL-Arch to prevent GR's from shooting BL's who are just leaving their base.

Of course you can counter that by either standing in the arch with a sniper and reacting quickly or just looking down, but IMO that's a very dumb thing alltogether and shouldn't exist.

So basically, moving the gap in the wall to the left and increasing the height of the wall to prevent heads from being visible for the GR players.


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galinha90 replied on 08-12-2017 14:08 | Locked

i would change in the map santoria the vents cause its really op to hide there


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Brancasio replied on 08-12-2017 17:07 | Locked

Some scary Halloween-themed quick time event (like the big head mode) for the Halloween map ^^

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eris02 replied on 08-12-2017 17:40 | Locked

i would change bit the colors , because lock lettle bit more sexy the maps :D


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TUGASOTAQUE replied on 08-12-2017 17:40 | Locked

maybe add some parkour for new hidding places no



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Loquev replied on 08-12-2017 17:59 | Locked

Well it's not my favourite, but one thing I would really like to change about a specific map is in Biohazard mode, Venice.




It's almost impossible to not get damage from the snipers. They can creep you from every corner. Plus, there's no hiding place in this map. I hate them xD 


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WinstonBG replied on 08-12-2017 18:52 | Locked

I would add enemy sentries on the final floor of Deadly Tower from Bio3 only on Nightmare difficulty ofc.

They would target only 1 player and would be able to be destroyed and after certain amount of time they get repaired by the boss skills.

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AntoPR0DIGY replied on 08-12-2017 20:52 | Locked

more sniper weapons on map Arena 2


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