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MOD Forum Event - Which PvE monster would you like to be mutated in in real life and why? - by PetoRotante

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YHP2666 replied on 07-29-2017 15:25 | Locked

I choose BOOMER, the black orange monsters from Bio 1


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IGN: [*Nomad*]

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dobreiutzu21 replied on 07-29-2017 16:01 | Locked

Ghost beacuse we can steal from the stores xD

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WarriorCF replied on 07-29-2017 21:03 | Locked

I'd be a Crawlers.

Because It can walk on wall (like a spiderman you know).   


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sgsrgaseghsw replied on 07-30-2017 5:07 | Locked

I don't play it, ever, so i'm gonna copy your answer.




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PoeticPro replied on 07-30-2017 5:53 | Locked

I'd be that innocent penguin running away from the monsters. 
Why? Because I wish I could run away from my problems as easily as he does from his

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Monocrom replied on 07-30-2017 12:32 | Locked

The red little one, wandering around harmlessly, who targets only the base.

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AntoPR0DIGY replied on 07-30-2017 15:26 | Locked

I would like to be mutated to the mutant Hulk , because look cool


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elneet1 replied on 07-30-2017 16:39 | Locked

female zombie, a girl and kukri = <3
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Joakim1308 replied on 07-30-2017 16:41 | Locked

Would love to be '' Boo '' from the super mario games. Just because flying around looking like some creepy bubble cloud sounds awesome.

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bomberbam replied on 07-30-2017 18:24 | Locked

i would like to be mutated to mutant hulk becouse he reminds me of SHREKok

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