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GM Forum Event - Wonko's Room Names

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Wonkoo Posted: 07-10-2017 6:15 | Locked

Hello Mercenaries,

and here's another forum event for you:

How it works:

  • This thread will be opened on July 10th, 2017 - starting now.
  • Answer the question and get rewards
  • This thread will be locked July 11th, 2017 - 15:00 Berlin time


  1. Please only ONE POST.
  2. You MUST include your IGN (In game name) somewhere in the post or your signature.
  3. Be clean! Be respectful! Adhere to the Code of Conduct!
  4. If your response violates these rules, or the Terms of Use in any way you may be subject to disqualification from future forum events.
  5. Optional: For extra points add an embedded reaction GIF to that name (please use the forum function for that) 


Prizes are based on participation and or correct answers. This means that as long as you follow the rules, you will be receiving the following prize: 

  • 1 GM Capsule for participation
  • My 2 favourite answers will get 1 RP Capsule of my choice. (funny ones or ones that I really like)


Everybody who has played the GM brawl with me knows that the names of my event rooms are a bit...special.
I do have the feeling I'm running out of ideas thought. Therefore:

What could I call my game rooms during the GM Brawls?


Wonko the Sane :)

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Walleo replied on 07-10-2017 6:18 | Locked

"Free kill on Wonko!"

Walleo | Forum Moderator

I can't afford to hate people. I don't have that kind of time - Bob Ross

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Nightwind123 replied on 07-10-2017 6:24 | Locked

Over powered, because we can !

IGN: NightWind

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Stev95v2 replied on 07-10-2017 6:26 | Locked

The Last Mohican Wonko


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RSX1992 replied on 07-10-2017 6:31 | Locked

"No one can say I am not trying."

IGN: RSX1992

Clan: Celectum

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bomberbam replied on 07-10-2017 6:41 | Locked

Please dont farm me im mod

IGN: [A]res

Slikovni rezultat za follow the train


IGN:   ]Nemo.

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Jurea replied on 07-10-2017 6:43 | Locked

"VVIP or kick"

IGN: -Aljo-

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imxpx replied on 07-10-2017 6:49 | Locked

I don't play GM/MOD Events currently, but I'd say: "Noobs, join me... T.T"

IGN: Burial

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adsaasdads replied on 07-10-2017 6:57 | Locked

"Not for PROs" 

IGN: [P]4tr1k

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sgsrgaseghsw replied on 07-10-2017 7:07 | Locked

Put up a password and the room name should be "Put up or shut up!123"

IGN: chuck*NO*ris

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SubwaYz7 replied on 07-10-2017 7:18 | Locked


IGN: SubwaYz7

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Ice replied on 07-10-2017 7:23 | Locked

Wonko brawl


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bigggestboi replied on 07-10-2017 7:30 | Locked

I have god mod and im not afraid to use it !

Ign: -[S]aint-

IGN: -TTL]Saint-

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eris02 replied on 07-10-2017 7:41 | Locked

'' Wonko is here , wellcome bots ''


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DarkMester replied on 07-10-2017 7:54 | Locked

Wonko free killing. Ign:DarkMester

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