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bfsjlol replied on 07-08-2017 6:28 | Locked

M4 VVIPS, full wallbang ,op guns ..annoying.


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aRealStone replied on 07-08-2017 6:31 | Locked


I can't handle to play against this weapon..


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NUQEEEE replied on 07-08-2017 8:46 | Locked

M14 EBR-S it's like having the low recoil of an M4 compared with the high damge of an AK-47 and because of the silencer you can't even hear it.


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lovrod replied on 07-08-2017 9:59 | Locked

Well  using SMG makes me break my own keyboard oo;

Steyr TMP,9A

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mambo150 replied on 07-08-2017 10:44 | Locked

VVIP and noble weapons. Said enough.

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top7amada replied on 07-08-2017 11:03 | Locked

M4 vip .. all types


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SubwaYz7 replied on 07-08-2017 12:11 | Locked


Cause of OP as f#ck :D

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tony04 replied on 07-08-2017 14:40 | Locked


Oh nice, a weapon bashing thread.


  1. Any VVIP
  2. Steyr TMP
  3. 9A91
  4. M82A1 Barrett
  5. M14EBR
  6. Any Slug Shotgun
  7. KAC Chainsaw
  8. BC-Axe
  9. Field Shovel
  10. M4A1-Bandage


dont 4get  the anaconda quick-shoot getto, slug shootguns, g11, dual scorpion, armsel striker, m1216, 687-edp, survival knife, dual carambit and others. the problem is, if they remove all this guns from the game, how will they make money to pay theyr workers, the developers the GMs the servers the programmers the CFS tournaments since they don't have any other way to make money

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Walleo replied on 07-08-2017 18:11 | Locked

Steyr TMP, M4 VVIPS.

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MATTYGUO replied on 07-09-2017 1:23 | Locked

M14EBR,I always have one M14EBR quiped in my 3rd bag but i hate this rifle, I usually use it when enemies rush real hard that make me can't use sniper.

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ZeroXenum replied on 07-09-2017 2:01 | Locked

I don't like vvip weapons  and m14 because of the cross..


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nitrous1994 replied on 07-09-2017 2:33 | Locked

9a's, low shotguns like the edp and shorty and m4 vvips .__.

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BaLLiSSTiC replied on 07-09-2017 2:57 | Locked

(M4) VVIP abusers, and Serbu rushers. Man they get me so angry, that I started swearing like Headshot!. The top thing are the VVIP abusers

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Ice replied on 07-09-2017 6:28 | Locked

9a definitely


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adelina111 replied on 07-09-2017 12:15 | Locked

I hate the most 9a-91 because it has recoil small !

ING: Bn.Jok3er

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