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NameChange01 replied on 07-08-2017 1:27 | Locked

Kick macro.. People who put E + ctrl on macro in knife mode..

IGN: Bn.Obey

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Nightwind123 replied on 07-08-2017 1:28 | Locked


Any kind of shovel make me scream like I meet Jason from "Friday the 13th" ! The amount of rage is enormous and if I could get inside my screen I will kick that guy by my self...

Reason? I think it's obvious. Laaaag killllll !

IGN: NightWind

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Citru replied on 07-08-2017 1:43 | Locked

VVIP kick. I insta vote kick

Smilegate Moderator

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adsaasdads replied on 07-08-2017 1:47 | Locked

M14EBR a.k.a. very skill spray weapon :/

IGN: [P]4tr1k

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Entropyst replied on 07-08-2017 2:45 | Locked


Kick macro.. People who put E + ctrl on macro in knife mode..

Going off the topic here, but you can report those people for using a macro and it will result in a permanent ban.

4Real | Forum Moderator

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sgsrgaseghsw replied on 07-08-2017 2:51 | Locked

I don't hate playing against any particular weapon, actually 9a is easy to play against IMO, you just can't miss. However i do hate base camping BL, especially with snipers, so i'll say Barret.

IGN: chuck*NO*ris

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bomberbam replied on 07-08-2017 2:55 | Locked

I just hate to see someone kills me with M4A1-S Lily becouse everybody got them in velentine event but me.

IGN: [A]res

Slikovni rezultat za follow the train


IGN:   ]Nemo.

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imxpx replied on 07-08-2017 3:22 | Locked

VVIP M4A1s mostly, even though I have other similar examples.

IGN: Burial

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Elchacal47 replied on 07-08-2017 3:28 | Locked

Steyr TMP oo; , but now... I have one :D


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RSX1992 replied on 07-08-2017 3:42 | Locked

I am going nuts when someone kills me with the AA-12 Shotgun, it just makes me want to backhand myself into outer space.

IGN: RSX1992

Clan: Celectum

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ZackWth replied on 07-08-2017 3:57 | Locked

VVIPs and Serbu Super-Shorty

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stevengood replied on 07-08-2017 4:16 | Locked


Greenhorn: 9a-91

IGN: -Earth]Quake

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Levano replied on 07-08-2017 4:31 | Locked

Oh nice, a weapon bashing thread.

  1. Any VVIP
  2. Steyr TMP
  3. 9A91
  4. M82A1 Barrett
  5. M14EBR
  6. Any Slug Shotgun
  7. KAC Chainsaw
  8. BC-Axe
  9. Field Shovel
  10. M4A1-Bandage

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GRBLGRBL replied on 07-08-2017 4:38 | Locked

All 687 shotguns because they are overpowered at mid and long range


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IamWolf1 replied on 07-08-2017 5:22 | Locked


IGN : ImWolf

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