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Entropyst replied on 07-06-2017 1:40 | Locked


I dont have Gif :  ( my network is wooden to upload one

IGN: -ghostrider


no gif pls :'(

No gif? No reward.
The rules are simple and you are not exempt from them. Is it really too difficult to invest a minute of your time in a post?

4Real | Forum Moderator

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adsaasdads replied on 07-06-2017 2:41 | Locked

xD up

IGN: [P]4tr1k 

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eris02 replied on 07-06-2017 3:53 | Locked


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bfsjlol replied on 07-06-2017 5:33 | Locked


IGN: onSight



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Wonkoo replied on 07-06-2017 7:58 | Locked

Answering for ZenPanda here, because the Panda has left the building.

The rewards are sent: 1 GM capsule for every post sticking to the rules, 1 Gradation Set Capsule for the winners.

ZenPanda said the angry Panda in the office GIF represented him perfectly.

And we, the rest of the team, have to agree with that.
Seriously, we have to tidy up the office at least once a day because of the Panda rage!!! oo;

So, since there was, unexpectedly, a correct answer, everybody who posted the office rage panda gif received the additional capsule.

Have a wonderful day!

Wonko the Sane :)

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dobreiutzu21 replied on 07-07-2017 6:20 | Locked

Imagine similară

IGN: dobreiutzu21

CLAN: vStars

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MATTYGUO replied on 07-09-2017 1:32 | Locked


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