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GM Forum Event - Wonko's Gameplay As A Movie

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The wall of Wall Street


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King Kong, because wonko sounds like a hero and strong :D


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I think your gameplay is relaxed, it's not about win or lose, it's all about to having fun. :)


// bliXten

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Hitman. :)

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Well it isn't quite a movie but this gif was the first thing that popped in to my head!

The police officers in Family Guy!

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Hello everybody,

thank you very much for your entertaining entries!

The GM capsules have been sent out to everyone who followed the rules of:

  • describing my play with a movie title
  • including a clip or gif (i even let images pass here)

Also, MrMadskills got a capsule, because...well, it's just spot on.

My favourite replies came from:

might be the most appropriate movie title for my skills)

(very flattering movie title and the gif hits the nail on the head about how I play)

They/you received a Barrett-Peony Capsule each.

Again, thank you all for taking part!

Now, go and join in on ZenPanda's forum event.

Please make sure to read the rules carefully to avoid being disappointed.

Have a great day!

Wonko the Sane :)

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Slikovni rezultat za follow the train


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Kingsman: The Secret Service

IGN: Exi_


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