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Foxkry posted on 04-21-2012 22:39


I´ve been thinking,

1: are spamshots bug or glitchs, or we are good to use then?

2: if i create a room, for me and some friends, and we let ourselves get killed in the search of spamshots, is that considered farm in some way? ( cuz it´s the base of my nights in the weekend <.<)

3: if we kill ourselfes with grenade in the begining of MM/HM matches for the match to be quickier is it farm?


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1. Spamshots are Bugs
2. Mhh .. Im sure if you´re testing spamshots this doesn´t count as farm
3. Don´t think so, but not 100 % sure



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Interesting, would be nice if GMLoki would answer :)!

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1&2 Dunno what is spamshot. Can you describe it little bit better? tense

3. I think as long as you kill yourself it is fine, cause you are not (directly) affecting anyone else's score.

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1&2 Dunno what is spamshot. Can you describe it little bit better? tense

Like if you're aiming at a wall, sometimes you see the red names of some players and you can kill them.

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To be honest, I'm not quite sure what a "spamshot" is, so someone please enlighten me on that matter. ANY form of exploitation of a bug can put your account at risk.

Terms Of Use:

We strive to minimize bugs and design inconsistencies in our games ("Bugs"). Yet, despite our efforts, it's impossible to assure that each and every Bug in our deep and complex games, which are accessed simultaneously by thousands of players, has been isolated and resolved and you may encounter a Bug occasionally. Most of the time, the Bug is minor and it does not have a noticeable effect on gameplay. Sometimes, however, a player may try to use a Bug to gain an unfair advantage in a game or to affect the Services. If you attempt to exploit a Bug in a game or to affect the Services, then the Company may decide, in its sole discretion, to take action against you based upon its assessment of the following factors:

If you attempted to exploit the Bug intentionally, maliciously, and/or on multiple occasions; If your actions damage another character, gameplay of other players, the Services and/or any activities of other users of the game service; and Whether or not you sought to conceal your attempt to exploit a Bug. If you attempt to exploit a Bug, then the Company may, in its sole discretion, with or without notice and without any right for you to appeal:


Again I don't quite understand the term "spam shot" BUT, unless you are intentionally "farming" your account should be okay. Now I use this very lightly since it can be taken a lot of different ways. I don't want to give a direct answer since I am unaware of this term.


No this would not be a farm since no one is gaining from your death.


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I'm pretty sure they are, because shoots aren't suposed to go trough the walls, but technically it's going trough a gap, but those gaps are not suposed to be there, so yes, at least for me it's a bug...

Sorry for bad english... 

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