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searching for AK player

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CrazyTwist Posted: 01-04-2017 6:58
we , 5P-eSports, are searching for a Dutch or German, main AK, player. he/she must have played competitive before. pls pm me if interested: or conv me.

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pm PD.Triqqer i think he is interested since his ak aiming is on point nowadays!

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I can offer you low - no competitive experience, bad aiming and weird sounds on teamspeak. I'm in? [:D} / ShadY

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I'm Croatian, spraying the AK like a madman and always somehow get frags with it. Never played competitive so I think I'm the perfect match for you, right? I'm more of a sniper, precision and stealth is my specialty, I'm not that bad with an AK

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this was a serious topic....

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Well, im a snip player. But Dutch/German clan. Since there are no Brazilian clans (AND NO NO PORTUGUESE) dutch/german is prima.



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I am not a German/Dutch player but I live close to your country. I may offer you my bottom-fragging experience.

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