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And some clan team killz xD

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Both screens was made late when not many people was joining channel on what i was playing (its same room with 1st Knife game 2nd Sniper) ... its why i prefer to play alone in team ... no blocking ... heaven

and random screen from GM stats

Because THEY are not like YOU are.

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Random screen :D


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There's my :D


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Hero Mode (:


19.01.2012 - Level Up to 1LT

02.03.2012 - Level Up to Captain

21.07.2012 - Level Up to Major

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IGN: Malykk.

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High score S&D

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Best TD Prison heart

Best without die on S&D

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In my search for ULP...

I don´t consider this a good win, but the oposite of anything good >.<"



That's screenshot from "Capsule Help", where you learn how to use capsule shop.

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