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lucix98 replied on 02-02-2013 16:29 | Locked

A saint valentine's day hat with + gp and +xp 




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Blackpuck333 replied on 02-02-2013 16:47 | Locked

Hi Homie, i would relly like to see a skull-mask (or helmet), i think its pretty cool and  bring some creeps in to the game. And you can get very popular with the girls becouse it looks so deadly-hot  :D if you know what i mean ;) i´m not a casanova, i promise         kay dude ciao          IGN: Blackpuck                                                                                                                           

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Brohiva replied on 02-02-2013 17:26 | Locked

Skull mask with 10 % exp or Gp

IGN: OutdatedMilk

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TheShadowRO replied on 02-03-2013 1:14 | Locked

Smoke Google +10% exp will be great.

IGN: TheShadowRO

IGN: TheShadowRO

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Philipp2011 replied on 02-03-2013 1:23 | Locked

I want more gp char items like goggles, that give more exp/gp



IGN: F._A._I._L.

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asdasasdssd replied on 02-03-2013 1:31 | Locked


I would get more funny hats e.g. tiger hat, mouse hat .

IGN: KobeBryant 

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kwardian replied on 02-03-2013 1:37 | Locked

I'd like to see pikachu mask in item shop :P

IGN: TKD*Karnisz

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jiNN713 replied on 02-03-2013 1:58 | Locked

Please update the witch hat.

IGN :    -jiNN.

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xxNQQPxACTY replied on 02-03-2013 2:22 | Locked

yeah, a perm hat would be great!


IGN : -[F]ail.?

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XACC replied on 02-03-2013 2:27 | Locked


I would like some permanents hats or helmets and what do you think about some permannet camouflage paintings?

And you can offer them for GP, please.


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proacc023 replied on 02-03-2013 3:54 | Locked

GP hat with +gp or +exp feature

IGN: _G0D]

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pokijhbhjkl replied on 02-03-2013 4:13 | Locked

maby a pokeball hat sometihngs new ant difrent :) i luve pokeballs

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InvalidInfo replied on 02-03-2013 4:56 | Locked

IGN: Volley

Please add/update the following wearable items:

1) Red Beret  : Company Officer Rank+

2) Blue Beret : Major Rank+

3) Black Beret : General Rank+

Request: It would be much appreciated, if the 'soccer grenade'  could be added as an RP item in the item shop, trust me there will be plenty of guys to buy it, including myself. 

Thanks & Regards.

IGN: Volley

“If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that." - Eminem


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KINGOFB4STPT replied on 02-03-2013 5:20 | Locked

bag in hearth form is soo cool and different !

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S2Ahmad replied on 02-03-2013 8:12 | Locked

A cool glass gives 10-15% EXP permanent. cool

IGN : S2Ahmad

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