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Frrrnick Posted: 10-12-2011 13:54 | Locked

Hello, im Fnick from CEFO team. Im not sure if my problem should be in this topic if not sorry. I have a problem , cause someone stoled my nickname on CF EU. This person spoil my good name , he is spamming whole time some offensive things. Im getting all the time from my mates messages about it. I want to know if its any possible way , to bann this account. Also i have a ss.



Best regards Fnick.

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GoldCookiez replied on 10-12-2011 14:03 | Locked

You can only report that user for bad language, but I doubt that he will ever get ban or name change.



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GMDuchess replied on 10-14-2011 16:50 | Locked

Submit a report to the Crossfire 1:1 Support team.

Players choose names on a first come first serve basis sorry


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