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[EVENT]: Post your best patch related screenshot!

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GM_Ishtar Posted: 01-24-2013 11:06 | Locked

Attention Soldiers!

This week, we will be asking you to post a screenshot of new patch content! Please be responsible in your reply!

This week is "Post your best patch related screenshot" week.

How it works: This thread will be open on 26.1.2013 at 0:00 CET. You will then have a chance to answer the question that we have posted. This thread will remain unlocked until 29.1.2013 at 0:00 CET. You will have 3 days to post your screenshot.


1. Please only ONE ANSWER and ONE POST per player.
2. You MUST include your IGN (In game name) somewhere in the post or your signature. No IGN? No reward. 
3.If your response violates these rules, or the Terms of Use in anyway you may be subject to disqualification from future GM events.
4. Be clean! Be respectful! Adhear to the Code of Conduct!
5. No posts of score boards.
6. It must be patch related.

Prizes (the most important part!):
Prizes are based on participation. This means that as long as you follow the rules and attempt to answer the question in any way, you will be receiving the following prize:

Volcano Nametag 7 days

*Please note that the prizes will change every week!*


Have fun posting!


TL;DR? Make an appropriate post of a patch related screenshot! INCLUDE YOUR IGN!

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SomnPT replied on 01-25-2013 8:44 | Locked


IGN » SomN_[PT]


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ShadY replied on 01-25-2013 13:57 | Locked

Luv ya lamek ;*

/ ShadY

Goodbye CF EU

- A deep connection to someone is rare, value it! 

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F7Forum replied on 01-25-2013 15:04 | Locked

Shine bright like a crystal :)

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TheShadowRO replied on 01-26-2013 3:44 | Locked

...i saw .. i saw ... a Machete

IGN : TheShadowRO

IGN: TheShadowRO

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Freman93 replied on 01-26-2013 6:31 | Locked

The only M4A1 that i own sorry

IGN: Sardaukar93

Signature by AngelisM
Thank you ;) 

IGN: Sardaukar93

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BallerboyIVI replied on 01-27-2013 3:58 | Locked

I love this new Melee-Weapon Machete! *-*

(My ING = *BaLLerBoY')

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Vlad224 replied on 01-27-2013 4:05 | Locked


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mambo150 replied on 01-27-2013 8:34 | Locked

killed some1 with my m4 royal dragon.

IGN: BlackHoleSun

IGN: mambo150

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morrisdx123 replied on 01-27-2013 9:22 | Locked



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asdasasdssd replied on 01-27-2013 9:33 | Locked

 IGN: KobeBryant

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MegaMaster15 replied on 01-27-2013 9:58 | Locked

just my new ktr-08 won at the new patch event



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MadMan5991 replied on 01-27-2013 11:00 | Locked

This is the closest I'm getting to Machete


IGN: MadGuy5991

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InvalidInfo replied on 01-28-2013 7:34 | Locked

IGN: Volley

IGN: Volley

“If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that." - Eminem


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kwardian replied on 01-28-2013 8:54 | Locked

IGN: TKD*Karnisz


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