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[Event]: Ask the GM (almost) everything

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DarkSideRO replied on 01-20-2013 12:40 | Locked

GM in the next update can you add Desert Eagle-camo at GP crates as like in cf NA(with the faster reload too)?



IGN: -.-The*Beas

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emj1010 replied on 01-20-2013 13:13 | Locked

Can i Get Rp or Gp unlesst 40000 rp or 100000 Gp In Game Name: Killmy4_sure

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Ricardo4 replied on 01-20-2013 15:01 | Locked

Can you not read this?

IGN  [R]icky




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Excito replied on 01-21-2013 1:00 | Locked

Why everyone of GM have high ping?


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Covermann replied on 01-21-2013 1:18 | Locked

can you make a new game mode?




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GodGuard368 replied on 01-21-2013 5:50 | Locked

What's your pc specs..?


IGN: -[GodGuard]-

IGN :  -[GodGuard]-

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Taradisimo replied on 01-21-2013 8:33 | Locked

When out new weapons?


IGN: Tarado

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MonsterIvan replied on 01-21-2013 10:15 | Locked

What is your favourite secondary weapon?

IGN: IvanMonster

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kwardian replied on 01-21-2013 10:38 | Locked

1.How many registered useres are in your database (at this moment) ?

2.When awards from last GM-EVENT will be added? 

IGN: TKD*Karnisz


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690849238 replied on 01-21-2013 11:31 | Locked

hi,GM,i want to know how to join the GM team?beause i think this is a nice clan:) thanks~

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guillaume22 replied on 01-21-2013 13:02 | Locked


GM teams hard work is computer programming?

for the future Constuire CF europe? it work?                                                                            english 

gamerage smilegate in any degree level? become game master?




equipes GM sont travail dur fait programmer informatique ?

pour l' avenir constuire CF europe ?ca marche ?                                                                   francais 

chez gamerage smilegate quel diplome niveau? devenir game master ?


thanks GM's 

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