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[2WEEKS]: What are your CFEU New Year resolutions!?

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GMDuchess Posted: 12-20-2012 15:47 | Locked

Attention Soldiers!

This week, we will be asking YOU a question about your new year resolutions! Please be responsible in your reply!

This week is "GMs want to know..." week.

How it works: This thread will be open on 22.12.2012 at 0:00 CET. You will then have a chance to answer the question that we have posted. This thread will remain unlocked until 3.1.2013 at 0:00 CET. You will have 3 days to post your answer to the GMs.


1. Please only ONE ANSWER and ONE POST per player. 5 - 10 resolutions are REQUIRED
2. You MUST include your IGN (In game name) somewhere in the post or your signature. No IGN? No reward.
3.If your response violates these rules, or the Terms of Use in anyway you may be subject to disqualification from future GM events.
4. Be clean! Be respectful! Adhear to the Code of Conduct!


Good Example:


1)    Never die to a grenade again.
2)    Learn how to shoot mind-bullets.
3)    Find a way to put myself in one of the new RP capsules.
4)    Take the time to help new players out by playing dodge ball with grenades.
5)    Definitely make sure to not die to a grenade again.
6)    To get a 2:1 KDR ratio with only melee weapons.
7)    Improve at playing on Search & Destroy
8)    Enhance my hearing so I can win more at Ghost mode.
9)    Develop in-game mind-control.
10)    Seriously, never die to a grenade again.

MY IGN IS: GM_Dionysus

Prizes (the most important part!):
Prizes are based on participation. This means that as long as you follow the rules and attempt to answer the question in any way, you will be receiving the following prize:

Sad snowman mask (7days)
2012 Xmas name tag (7days)

*Please note that the prizes will change every week!*


Have fun posting!





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GoldCookiez replied on 12-22-2012 2:19 | Locked

Thread opened (sorry for the little delay!)!

Post your resolutions now! snow


1. Level up to 1st Lieutenant

2. Get Berrett and AUG A1 RD, and most of the next years Limited Edition Capsules

3. Add all of the GM's in game as friends (never gonna happen :()

4. Get 2.0 KDR

5. Get the GM's to implement some of my ideas in game

6. Recruit more active members to my clan 

7. Try to get forums more active

8. Get some unique items in game that nobody else has :v

9. Report all the cheaters that I encounter

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CroArmySB replied on 12-22-2012 2:49 | Locked

1. Try to get Barrett

2. Get better KD

3. Learn to fly

4. Nade Warmonger dead

5. Improve S&D skills

6. Develop an Client Error for everyone who kills me


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me1st replied on 12-22-2012 2:56 | Locked

1.learn to use ak 47

2.get the SMG badge 3

3.get the elite badge 3

4.try to get a 1.5 KDr





Ask me a question

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XACC replied on 12-22-2012 3:30 | Locked


My resolutions:

1. I will not kill a torcher near a teammate in bio.

2. Try to improve in ghost mode, I'm really bad.

3. I will not take my teammates grenades.

4. No more throw smoke grenades into the hole of Merida.

5. Buy a good weapon.

6. I will not look under the skirts of female characters.

7. not insult the blockers.

8. Seiously, i will not look under the skirts again (at least to my team).

Merry Christmas to all.

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F7Forum replied on 12-22-2012 4:31 | Locked

1) Get some Pink weapons

2) Use those Pink weapons

3) Remember not to brag about those Pink

5) Remember not to forget resolution number 4

6) Improve memory

7) Learn how to count

8) Keep playing Crossfire Europe ( :D )

9) Keep being friends with my current friends

10) Remember to check if In-game name is in signature.

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tekken3 replied on 12-22-2012 4:52 | Locked some money to buy RP  some Fox Howl capsule's capsule's

4.repeat first 3 step's until i win permanent character

5.Avoid to be kicked from any ghost room

6.Play BIO when there isnt avaliable ghost room

7.Try to save more money for some m4a1-a capsule

8.try to  finish game before i got client error or disconnected from server

9.keep  practicing bhop and play as ghost

10.wait for the day when game be totally clean from cheaters


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bataaa replied on 12-22-2012 5:31 | Locked

1) start playing only Search & Destroy matches

2) try to get kd above 2,0 that actually I have atm

3) try to do not ragequits when I get annoyed

4) win crazy stuff from BIO crates

5) get into the top 300 in versus

6) improve my Ak-47 skills

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Kloldas replied on 12-22-2012 5:52 | Locked

1.Knife all mutants at Predator mode. :P

2.Blow my Cross Fire friend to pieces. 

3.Give 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 gold head shots.

4.Knife ghosts as global risk.

5.Destroy window in Predator (map Mansion), where are other soldier.



ING: [QQ]M[O]-Re



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Freman93 replied on 12-22-2012 6:44 | Locked

1) Finally reach 2nd LT by having less than 20k kills

2) Get one of the New Year Capsule's permanent weapon, at least one D:

3) Return to play again Ghost Mode until i'll not get kicked again

4) Play a whole match by bunny hopping without stopping for less than a second( to redirect the jumping direction)

5) Launch a Power Bomb lol!

IGN: Sardaukar93

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Thank you ;) 

IGN: Sardaukar93

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GodGuard368 replied on 12-22-2012 7:16 | Locked

1) Improve my sniper skills

2) Get Special Ops A level 2

3) Get any permanent mele weapon

4) Reach 2nd LT.

5)  Get 4.0 KDr


IGN : -[GodGuard]-

IGN :  -[GodGuard]-

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TooMuchCry replied on 12-22-2012 7:57 | Locked

1) Improving sniper skills
2) Buy a new computer to get some more fps
3) Creating a clan
4) Less ragequiting
5) Enjoy this game more

IGN: Quick 

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BoarHunter replied on 12-22-2012 8:42 | Locked

1)  Pass my last exam

2)  Finish my master's thesis and become a master of science

3)  Get a job

4)  Buy myself a car

5)  If there is enough money left after buying a car, buy some RP

6)  Leave a slot open for something else that I might remember in near future

7)  Say hi to everyone and leave my IGN:   BoarHunter

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NARUTOxRASEN replied on 12-22-2012 8:50 | Locked


1.New Sniper And Melee Badge.......^^

2.Get M4A1-BANDAGE (I Love That Gun xD)

3.Report 10 Hackers

4.Get Knuckles...........This Is Going To Be Easy......

5.Get Desert Eagle S..............I Love It Too xD

6.Get Master Sergent Rank...

7.Troll 100 Players

8.Dont Fail...

9.Seriously..........Dont Fail In Nothing

10.Dont Fail At All xD


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