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[Event]: The GMs want to know...

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Vlad224 replied on 12-09-2012 10:59 | Locked

GM Ishtar will win because I never seen GM Dionysus in game :)


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gaita8991 replied on 12-09-2012 11:37 | Locked

GM Ishtar win in the end  with his deagle scope

ign gaita8991

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RuCMEPTb replied on 12-09-2012 12:50 | Locked

GM Dionysus will win because he have skill.dll :)

GM Ishtar  i never seen in game sorry

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IGN: Dart_Rolton


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danybadmin replied on 12-09-2012 14:40 | Locked

GM Ishtar :-)

IGN : dany-badmin

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necunoscutul replied on 12-10-2012 12:06 | Locked

i think gm ishtar would win





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hisukara replied on 12-10-2012 13:07 | Locked

QUESTION: Who would win in a shoot off? GM Ishtar or GM Dionysus?

3. ALTERNATIVE CHALLENGE: Write us a scenario of what you think would happen. Be as creative as you wish

Score is 39-39, Ishtar and Dionysus are both in their spawn, they both go to their right into the building, up the stairs and go into the window. Ishtar throws a grenade and does 98 damage on Dionysus, while Dionysus does a 720 double shot into Ishtar's body, resulting in 97 damage. They both fall down from the roof taking damage, but Ishtar dies first. Which means, Dionysus wins!

IGN: ICF-Kibo 

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askdfjvkasd replied on 12-10-2012 13:09 | Locked

i think GM dionysus will win. he throw nade and finnish with knife stripes :D


IGN: snuffsarn

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Brozar replied on 12-10-2012 13:11 | Locked

GM Ishtar  IGN Brozar

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Gemboy1994 replied on 12-10-2012 13:19 | Locked

If the thread is asking of whos gonna win? Im bettin' " GM Ishtar "
I may not have a chance to play with this AMAZING Players but It sure be AWESOME to play with these 2 players on one on one matchmad :P.
Good Luck "GM Ishtar"
ING: LMrL.[B]ean-

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St3phan0 replied on 12-10-2012 13:21 | Locked

I think that GM Ishtar would do the first kill and then GM dionysus would come back and kill GM Ishtar and in the end it would be 39-39 and then GMdionysus would do a 360 headshot with anaconda

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ultrasboy replied on 12-10-2012 13:23 | Locked

he will win Last headshot with knife or pistol so good luck IGN:YoYouAngel*

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St3phan0 replied on 12-10-2012 13:23 | Locked

Sorry i forgot to put my IGN so here it is IGN:Stephan0

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FearTheSun replied on 12-10-2012 14:03 | Locked

Dionysus would win for sure! :P
As he'd rush with a Keris, Ishtar would ragequit after a couple of minutes.

IGN: FearTheSun 

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MadHippie replied on 12-10-2012 14:12 | Locked

No one. One of them will get Client error.



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GoldCookiez replied on 12-10-2012 15:01 | Locked

GM Ishtar and Dionysus are true friends and they would never fight against each other. They would dress up as cute bunnies and pandas and wonder around the fortress exploring the map. They would also bring their favorite Xmas spray and grenade to decorate the map in Xmas spirit.

Killiegrew will try to ruin their fun gathering by guessing the room password and killing them both... But, Ishtar was already ahead of that because he was told by a little bird that something would happen, so he gave them both* God Mode and Killiegrew had to go come crying because her evil plan didn't work out as planned.

*to himself and Dionysus


IGN: GoldCookiez

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