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GMDuchess Posted: 12-07-2012 10:22 | Locked

Attention Soldiers!

This week, we will be asking YOU a question! Please be responsible in your reply!

This week is "GMs want to know..." week.

How it works: This thread will be open on 8.12.2012 at 0:00 CET. You will then have a chance to answer the question that we have posted. This thread will remain unlocked until 11.12.2012 at 0:00 CET. You will have 3 days to post your answer to the GMs.


1. Please only ONE ANSWER and ONE POST per player.
2. You MUST include your IGN (In game name) somewhere in the post or your signature. No IGN? No reward.
3.If your response violates these rules, or the Terms of Use in anyway you may be subject to disqualification from future GM events.
4. Be clean! Be respectful! Adhear to the Code of Conduct!

QUESTION: Who would win in a shoot off? GM Ishtar or GM Dionysus?

Specific rules:

1. Map = Fortress
2. Guns = Pistols only, throwing weapons are allowed.
3. ALTERNATIVE CHALLENGE: Write us a scenario of what you think would happen. Be as creative as you wish :)

Prizes (the most important part!):
Prizes are based on participation. This means that as long as you follow the rules and attempt to answer the question in any way, you will be receiving the following prize:

Flash Goggles (7 days)

*Please note that the prizes will change every week!*


Have fun posting!



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CroArmySB replied on 12-07-2012 15:09 | Locked

Well I never played with GM Dionysus,so idk is he good or not so my opinion is that  GM Ishtar would win by 1 kill advantage...

IGN: Crazy_Croat


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BoarHunter replied on 12-07-2012 15:15 | Locked


QUESTION: Who would win in a shoot off? GM Ishtar or GM Dionysus?

GM_Dionysus would win. And here is why..

Fortress or not, map doesn't matter. Match type is "pistol only" so GM_Ishtar would probably play with Desert Eagle Scope. GM_Ishtar joins the game, drops DE Scope for some other player to try it out and charges right towards GM_Dionysus with knuckles. Let's assume that GM_Ishtar can get close enough to GM_Dionysus to throw a few punches, it stil wouldn't do anything because earlier that day GM_Dionysus pulled some strings and got "God Mode" back. GM_Dionysus takes aim, pulls the trigger and headshots GM_Ishtar.



IGN: BoarHunter

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Speczz replied on 12-07-2012 15:15 | Locked
GM ishtar, and the last kill would be a knife kill ;D

IGN: -Spectrum

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TheArmOfBear replied on 12-07-2012 15:22 | Locked

I think that GM Ishtar is going to win 1 has 5 kill difference ! And all kill head shot !


IGN : TheArmOfBear

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NotFairMan replied on 12-07-2012 15:22 | Locked

I don't play with GMs but i think GM_Dionysus will win!

The match beggining with 5 kills GM_Ishtar and 3 kills GM_Dionysus but , at the middle of battle GM_Dionysus will take off 4 players in 4 shoots ^_^.

With a wrong move of GM_Ishtar he need to reload and in this time GM_Dionysus come with BC-Axe and kill him with a Head Shoot and win the match!xD

IGN: Nsw_*Lion


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TankOne replied on 12-07-2012 15:27 | Locked

GM Isthar would win obviously, you want to know why ? Because the GM Dyonisus lost the Connection while was winning 39-0, and that's why GM Isthar would obsiously win ,


IGN : .AssK1cker.*

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DKjoalka replied on 12-07-2012 15:28 | Locked

GM Dionysus will win with 3-4 kills. It will be a tough game, but he will win in the end.

IGN: DK-joalka


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gixsaw replied on 12-07-2012 15:36 | Locked

GM Ishtar ))))))))))))))   first .. gm jshtar will throw a grenade and make the first kill and then........ gm dionysus will be angry and kill 'em by head shoot by his anaconda..... and at the end it will be 39-39 gm ishtar will make the last kill by his knife stripes

IGN :     I[BlaCk

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iMoa replied on 12-07-2012 15:36 | Locked

GM_Dionysus would win.

nade skills :D


IGN: iMoan

IGN: FatAsianGuy

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Baaaaaaam replied on 12-07-2012 15:37 | Locked

I never play to whit an GM but i think GM Dionysus win...

IGN: .Baaaaaam



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suckmyknif3 replied on 12-07-2012 15:40 | Locked

GM Dionysus is gonna win because your name kill the other Gm




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b0rn2killy0u replied on 12-07-2012 15:46 | Locked

GM Ishtar would win by a deagle headshot


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SkiLlz197 replied on 12-07-2012 16:09 | Locked

GM Ishtar is 5 kills behind GM Dionysus. It´s 35-30. Then GM Ishtar makes 3 kills with grenade, 6 kills with his Desert Eagle Scope and the last kill with his knife. 

IGN: SkiLlz197

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mvsimpson replied on 12-07-2012 16:14 | Locked


GM_Dionysus would win with a anaconda love
And the final kill would be with the new grenade !!


 IGN: mvsimpson



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