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kikopyr replied on 11-17-2012 2:47 | Locked

Hey, Do you like rambo? O.o



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Osiel replied on 11-17-2012 3:01 | Locked

GM have you ever had that PERFECT SCORE and then.. you get a client error and it's all ruined? 
What's the feeling? xp
IGN: *-_Osiel_-* 

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keukenkast replied on 11-17-2012 3:06 | Locked

IGN: marvinm4a1

How what is your favourite CF map

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apfelchick1 replied on 11-17-2012 3:17 | Locked


What is your favourite game?

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sYK0NN replied on 11-17-2012 3:20 | Locked

Hey i would like to play a 1v1 against one of you :) (if its possible)


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RifleMeeN replied on 11-17-2012 3:24 | Locked

GM, what do you think about "How I met Your Mother"

Do you like it :D ?



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CaptainWhite replied on 11-17-2012 3:34 | Locked


When will be the next Update ? :)

IGN: [Cpt.]White


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zorobo55 replied on 11-17-2012 3:37 | Locked

GMDuchess, i have asked u this once in game, now again :

Can you plz post the screenshots of your storage here, or at least your pinky guns ? clap

IGN: zorobo55

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InvalidInfo replied on 11-17-2012 3:39 | Locked

IGN: Volley

When will the Clan Page be updated/fixed on the CF EU website?

As of now, it neither shows the top ranking clans nor does it enable us to search for a clan. The page always redirects us to the homepage when we search for any clan.

I really don't understand what purpose the page serves as of now, kindly refer CF NA clan webpage for further development of this page.


IGN: Volley

“If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that." - Eminem


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Danielf4 replied on 11-17-2012 3:39 | Locked

GMDuchess  what is the best snack ... biscuits or toast?  :D


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TrollFace15 replied on 11-17-2012 3:41 | Locked


Do you like FIFA game?

ING: TrollFace15

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iDubstepp replied on 11-17-2012 3:42 | Locked

GMDuchess: Do you think the world will end on 31/12/12?:D


IGN: pg.dubking

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ProHitman05 replied on 11-17-2012 4:04 | Locked

GM_Duchess, do you love dogs *-* ?

IGN : ProHitman05

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sty44 replied on 11-17-2012 4:57 | Locked


Your favourite TV show is? :)

ign: sty44


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xAdiiPLx replied on 11-17-2012 5:15 | Locked

What's your favorite fruit?

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