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GMDuchess Posted: 11-16-2012 11:59 | Locked

Attention Soldiers!

This week is "Ask GM Almost Anything" week.

How it works: This thread will be open on 17.11.2012 at 0:00 CET. You will then have a chance to submit your question that you would like to have answered below. This thread will remain unlocked until 20.11.2012 at 0:00 CET. You will have 3 days to post your question to the GMs.


1. Please only ONE QUESTION and ONE POST per player.

2. Please read the other questions so that you do not ask double questions!
3. We will NOT answer account related questions. This means that NO questions about 7767, and NO questions about why an account is banned.
4. We will NOT answer questions regarding unreleased content or technical issues that you may have. Please post these in the respected forum categories.
5. You may direct your questions to either GMDuchess, GMIshtar, or GMDionysus . If no GM is selected, GMDuchess will be answering the question or selecting a GM at random.
6. If your question violates these rules, or the Terms of Use in anyway you may be subject to disqualification from future GM events.
7. Be clean! Be respectful! Adhear to the Code of Conduct!

Here is a GOOD Exampleup:


GMDuchess, If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

XaPLAYERX, I would wish for.... MORE WISHES!!! love

Here is a BAD Exampledown:

GMDuchess, I am 7767! What should I do?
XaPLAYERX, Read the rules!no

Prizes (the most important part!):
Prizes are based on participation. This means that as long as you follow the rules and ask a question, you will be receiving the following prize:

Volcano Nametag (7 days)

*Please note that the prizes will change every week!*


Have fun posting!



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GMDuchess replied on 11-16-2012 12:00 | Locked

i would like to know why girls need to pay for theyre caracter,since i am a girl and would have a girl

"    Cylon: A few other folks have mentioned wanting other options for starting characters.  Maybe 4 in the past 7 months, so that isn't too many members of the community.  If all of the players feel this way,  I'd suggest getting together an outlining what you would like to see.  Keep in mind that saying "I want X" isn't the same as "I suggest that the game makers look at the character selection"  and offering ideas why this is a good change for players. 
I like playing cf ,could you tell me who is the oldest player since i am 44y ,i would like to know if there are others off my age. Altough i feel like 20 lol.

"    Cylon: Hm! We don’t really share other players ages as this is a privacy issue.
If u can have anything on the world what would that be?

"    Cylon: Anything on the world… My first thought was a volcano, but if It erupted that would be gone before I knew it.
Gm,if you were bird,where you want to fly?

"    Cylon: Away from cats, dogs, hunters, airplanes, scary wind, anything that could kill me.   So that leaves me with wondering, would I be able to fly at the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Either African or European will suffice for this.  If the answer is yes, them my answer is anywhere I jolly would like to, thank you very much!  If the answer is no, then I would like to fly into an old home and dress up as a bat.  Then dive bomb the owner till they run out of the home.  I will pronounce myself king of my new home!
Whats your most favored football team?:)

"    Cylon: You… you want me to start a riot?  I know better then to answer that question,  I've seen the riots break out during World Cup.  No way, no how, I am answering that!

So instead,  I have asked around to find out what team is known for the local beer. FC Bayern München was the winner with 3 votes.  Do you guys agree?
hi i put the rp mobile phone sent the sms and then not got the rp what do I do now?

"    Cylon: Sounds like a help support question!  Since we cannot have you posting your details on the forums, as I'm sure you would not want thousands of people to call you,  please contact our billing team by email -
Any information about Crossfire compatibility with Windows 8 ? :)

"    Cylon: It's something that the Game Developers are looking into. With any software, anytime you have new hardware or in this case a whole new Operating system, it takes time for the program team to adapt, test, and verify that there are no critical issues before releasing software I'd imagine.
Do you like the sun ?

"    Cylon: It burns my skin, eyes and causes me much money as I have to buy SPF lotion. So no, we do not have a good relationship.
if you could choose to either live forever or have infinite money, what would you chose?

"    Cylon: Forever.  That gives me enough time to make all the money I want or need.  Wait a second, I hate the sun and want to live forever, am I a Vampire? O_O!!
Hey GM when u played cf the first time?
  CylonApril of this year.  I was lagging so bad that the room kicked me out.
Would you work at KFC just to smell and eat Chicken Wings every day?

"    Cylon: KFC is pretty cool out here since we have a few stores that sell KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell all in one shop. I think the food would be good to smell, but I would be poor because I would like to order all the good smelling food.
GM,we knowthat we have Modenator GoldCookiez. Will be soon come a second Modenator?

"    Cylon: We are looking at the traffic on the forums and so far we are content with only one Moderator.  If this changes we'll make an announcement on the forums.
do you think that the cookiee price is high too ? :o ps: You like cookies ?
 CylonYes, yes I do.  The price of cookies has gone sky high now that we have Silver and Gold cookies!  I may faint if we see a platinum priced Cookies.


GMDionysus, If we had a match each other 1 on 1 and i beat you,what would you say to me?

"    Dionysus: I'd openly congratulate you on a good game, but secretly plot my revenge for years to come.
Mr GMDionysus! GM has been talking a lot that they have something better than simple ip ban. So my question is: What is this thing, that better than ip ban ?

"    Dionysus: I'm honestly not sure which GMs you are referring to. What I personally know (mind you, this is NOT an outline of GameRage's future plans for handling banning) is: IP/MAC/Hardware/Account banning are solutions for different problems and not one is the best. Sometimes just one is enough, sometimes a combination of them would work best. It ultimately depends on the problem you are trying to solve.

Play CF or be with your perfect girl?

"    Dionysus: The perfect girl wouldn't mind hanging out with me while I played CF.
Hey,what car would you drive if you would choose any car =D?

"    Dionysus: DeLorean DMC-12
Why do so many GM's have names of ancient gods?

"    Dionysus: The boring answer would be: allows us to express ourselves without giving away our screename. The fun answer: we're just using our real names. ;)
Imagine that one day in your house, God suddenly appears in front of you and tell you that you are a Chosen One, a New Jesus. What is first thing that you would do and why?

"    Dionysus: I'd go play hopscotch.
What is your favourite game?

"    Dionysus: That's a tough choice as there are plenty of amazing games out there. I'd say currently the Mass Effect franchise is my favorite followed by Fallout 3/Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fighting for second place.
We loveee CFEU , so why u dont help us with 5.000 rp? :b

"    Dionysus: We love CFEU and you guys as well. Hopefully we can settle on our love for one another being more valuable than 5,000RP and just keep on lovin' each other.
Have u ever hack into a game or was you on a Collage?

"    Dionysus: The most I've ever done was for single player RPGs where I'd use console commands to spawn giant chickens to terrorize the country-side (Skyrim).
Hey GM,what genre of movie you like ?

"    Dionysus: I'm a fan of the 'good movie' genre (hint: I'm incredibly picky when it comes to these things).
" _Easyyy.":
Hey GM's, im was asking myself why u guys dont make more servers.. in some other locations.. u can choose a country with a lot of players and make a server there.. is that possible?

"    Dionysus: We make additional servers to accommodate for popular demand. So if more people keep playing, we'll eventually make more servers.
what is the best s&d map u love ?

"    Dionysus: I'm really digging the Spain map currently; so right now it's Spain.
" -logobalogo- ":
That you can come back to time before, will you do it ? :)

"    Dionysus: I wouldn't because I'd fear it would turn into living out the movie Groundhog Day.
Have you ever wanted to be an elevator?

"    Dionysus: No.
When can we expect a new permanent weapon for the coupons? Can gold for 100?

"    Dionysus: Can not confirm nor deny.
"Hybridies ":
Would you like to me give you a cookie?

"    Dionysus: I'm totally up for receiving cookies, so go ahead!
Do you like FIFA game?

"    Dionysus: Truthfully, not so much. I've been very interested in playing the Football Manager series though - they seem like a fun simulator.
What is your favorite Weapon?

"    Dionysus: The M4A1 will always have a special place in my heart.
GMDuchess, do you like cats? :3

"    Duchess: YES! They are so cute, and fluffy, and go like "meow meow" =^.^=
GMDuchess, who is your favourite football player?

"    Duchess: Wait, is that the one where they kick the ball, or throw it?
" -Dream.?":
GMDuchess, what is your favorite colour? :)

"    Duchess: PINK AND PURPLE POKADOTS!!!!!!
GMDuchess, For how long u are GM and what do u like most in this job?

"    Duchess: I just celebrated my 1 year birthday with Crossfire EU in october. IMO they should have had a birthday event for me, but :(.
GMDuchess, what do you think about BIOHAZARD?

"    Duchess: AMAZING. The zombies go "blahhh" and I go "PEWPEW"
GM  Duchess What is better M4A1-Custom or Ak-47 Custom?

"    Duchess: hmmmm both!
" -Awakee":
GM_Duchess what breed of cat you prefer?

"    Duchess: Breed or cat or Bread of cat?
GMDuchess: What is your favourite gun in CrossFire?

"    Duchess: My kriss, or the veresk! Spray and Pray <3
GMDuchess, What's your favourite football team if u already have one?

"    Duchess: TEAM DUCHESS!
GMDuchess, what is your favourite Soccerplayer ?

"    Duchess: THIS ONE
GMDuchess what is your favorite sport?????

"    Duchess: hmmmmm puppy football :V  YAY!!! *.*
"  -TroNNer.-":
GMDuchess what is ur favorite car?

"    Duchess: Pink lambo! This isnt going to change regardless on how many times you ask :)
Can you plz post the screenshots of your storage here, or at least your pinky guns ? Clap

"    Duchess:
GMDuchess  what is the best snack ... biscuits or toast?  :D

GMDuchess: Do you think the world will end on 31/12/12?:D

"    Duchess: I hope not :( That would be terrible. I would have to move Duchess land on another planet and that would be expensive.
GMDuchess what gun is rifle is best for you ?

"    Duchess: Answered this already ^.^
Gm Duchess what's your favourite melee weapon?

"    Duchess: Purple shovel <3
Hi GMDuchess, Do you like dogs?

"    Duchess: I have three small dogs, and one cat. I perfer large dogs. One day I will be the proud hooman of a blue heeler :)
GM Duchess since when do yo u play Crossfire?

"    Duchess: Answered this already ^.^
Hmm. ~GMDuchess  do u ever think that u gonna be Gm in crossfire europe ? :)

"    Duchess: I already am MUAHAHA.
GMDuchess, If you could make a time travel and meet your 10 years old self,what advice would you give to her?

"    Duchess: DON’T TAKE THE RED PILL!!! (matrix reference.. I had to)
GM Duchess what is your favorite weapon forever  ? :)

"    Duchess: Answered this already ^.^
what is your favourite sport?

"    Duchess: Answered this already ^.^
Gm,you have blonde hair?

"    Duchess: Why, yes… yes I do.
GMDuchess, I know i shouldn't but i have to ask you... sob … what is your weight !!? :/

"    Duchess: o.O
" -criTic":
GM Duchess, Who are the stars of showbiz would take to a desert island?

"    Duchess: Chuck norris, we don’t get lost on desert island, desert island gets lost around chuck norris
GM_Duchess , if you have all ice creams flavors OO which kind of ice cream would you love ? love

"    Duchess: Mint chocolate chip, or buter pecan.
GMDuchess, When will be the next Update ? :)

"    Duchess: Duchess stole all the updates :>
GM_Duchess, do you love dogs *-* ?

"    Duchess: Answered this already ^.^
"*-*Machi*-* ":
Duchess : what do you like more... Cookies or waffles?

"gamer3000 ":
Hi GMDuchess, Do you have a lot of cats? Or do you only like them?
   Duchess:I have a kitty, you can see a picture of her in the cat thread in the off discussion =^.^=
GMDuchess what was the best thing that happened to him in Crossfire Europe?
   Duchess: I just like talking to players. My favorite memory was when I was Madden's pokemon. Great day in Crossfire EU.. Tears were shed from laughter.
How are you?

"    Harleekwin: Kind of tired today. *Yawn*
"Ownedbybulls ":
which is your favorite car ?

"    Harleekwin: The one I own right now because it treats me well: a Toyota Camry.
" -GeR-oNe-sHoT":
GM, what do you think about ""How I met Your Mother""

"    Harleekwin: I've only seen a few episodes, but it's funny.
what you find better: Love or money?

"    Harleekwin: Love.
Hey GM,what genre of movie you like
  Harleekwin: Batman.
GM what do you think about dogs?...are they the best friends of humans?
   Harleekwin:They could be the best friend of humans. Or they could just eat all the humans.
Cookies or brownies?

"    Harleekwin: False. The answer is Twinkie.
Whats your favorite gun?

"    Harleekwin: The kind that goes "bang!"
GMIshtar, How Old Ar you ?

"    Ishtar: Older than 18 and younger than a Sea Turtle
GMIshtar, If you could choose how old you will be, which age would it be? Dieing to young is bad and if you are too old you may dont have fun in life anymore

"    Ishtar: The past is gone, the future is unknown..I live in the here and now. Carpe diem!
GM Ishtar did You like my Bo Hai Ku, no? Marry me, I do !

"    Ishtar: The Haiku was really nice :-)
GMIshtar, Your favourite TV show is? :)

"    Ishtar: Interesting question…I cannot confine it to time and place and I can only think in categories regarding that question: Natural-Science, History, Astronomie -->The cosmos, Once upon a time…man , National Geografik and so forth.
GMIshtar What is your favorite real life gun ?

"    Ishtar: GLOCK 17..nice gun
What is your favorite Melee Weapon ?

"    Ishtar: Knuckles
"*-_Osiel_-* ":
GM have you ever had that PERFECT SCORE and then.. you get a client error and it's all ruined?
What's the feeling? Xp

"    Ishtar: Must be frustrating… But when you fall, you stand up and continue the fight!
"marvinm4a1 ":
How what is your favourite CF map

"    Ishtar: Egypt, Mexico, Fortress
When will the Clan Page be updated/fixed on the CF EU website?

"    Ishtar: Good question. As soon as I know we will post it on the website ;-)
Hey GM what ist the 5 best weapons ?

"    Ishtar: Depends on the individual player. I adjust the number towards my categorie-selection --> Distance: AWM, DSR1 Rusty;  Mid-Range: AK47-variations, Steyr AUG, MG3; Close-Range: Hellfire Stakeout, MP7A1, Desert Eagle, Anaconda; Melee:Knuckles, Spade, Kukri; Thrown: Red Smoke
When will come new biohazard map? :)

"    Ishtar: When Monsanto creates a new gene for  these mutants ;-)
hi GM how long u play crossfire and u play CFNA ?

"    Ishtar: Can't quantify that. But I use the opportunities I have.
Could you guys please add some competitive Maps like Factory and Cheyhan?

"    Ishtar: Sounds good. Please post it on the suggestions forum :-)
How i can win ULP-X in capsule shop?

"    Ishtar: Spin the capsule-wheel ;-)
Hey i would like to play a 1v1 against one of you :) (if its possible)

"    Killigrew: Sure! If you can catch me ;)
Hi GMs how are you ? What type of music You prefer ?

"    Killigrew: I am great! Thank you for asking. When it comes to music I prefer Rock N Roll but I love all music so its hard to choose just one type! =D
"sKiLLzkIL012   ":
If(i say IF not you are or someting)you were in jail (no reason) and you get a box. You open it and you see teleporter and pile.(question) WHAT YOU WILL USE?

"    Killigrew: I choose you teleporter!
" -Nicky":
Could you please not read this?

"    Killigrew: Too late. -_-
" Fruchtsaft":
Hey Gm, what do u think the weahter will be tomorrow? 
  Killigrew:I hope that it is cloudy tomorrow. I am sure that’s not an ideal answer but when its sunny everyday you sometimes miss the gloom!
" F7xD":
How would the perfect ice cream be like? 
Killigrew: The perfect icecream for me would be cake batter icecream on top of a Headshot!, with sprinkles and hot fudge.=D Kind of like a birthday cake!
You strand on an Island and you can take 11things with you. What are these things ?

"    Killigrew: Water,Food,Radio,Matches,Blanket,My Significant other,warm clothing,fishing pole,gun for hunting,tent,medicine.
GM what kind of car you prefer?

"    Phoenix: Bugatti Veyron Super Sports! Get me one please.
What's your cats name?

"    Phoenix: Hurricane
Hey, Do you like rambo? O.o

"    Phoenix: I like the Terminator better "I'll be back"
Hey Gm what kind of music you listen to?

"    Phoenix: I listen to almost everything and anything from pop to rock and hip hop.
How Old are you ?

"    Phoenix: The Phoenix has no age, and no one know how old it is, since each time it dies, it comes back to life.
How much time use Chuck Norris to do a house?

"    Phoenix: By the time you are done asking this question, he would have already finished two houses.
what like to do in free time?

"    Phoenix: I like to relax by playing games, movies, hanging out with friends.


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F7Forum replied on 11-16-2012 15:10 | Locked

How would the perfect ice cream be like?

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InsaneSkiLL6 replied on 11-16-2012 15:16 | Locked

Duchness do you think that the cookiee price is high too ? :o ps: You like cookies ?

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ElFiFa replied on 11-16-2012 15:17 | Locked

Hey Gm, what do u think the weahter will be tomorrow?


Fruchtsaft :))

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PTplayer replied on 11-16-2012 15:19 | Locked

GMDuchess what was the best thing that happened to him in Crossfire Europe?


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CFproTV replied on 11-16-2012 15:23 | Locked

Hi GMDuchess,

Do you have a lot of cats? Or do you only like them?

My IGN: gamer3000


crossfire <333

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HighRanks replied on 11-16-2012 15:29 | Locked

Hey GM when u played cf the first time?

IGN: [HD]Gamer..?

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Vlad224 replied on 11-16-2012 15:33 | Locked

GM what do you think about dogs?...are they the best friends of humans?



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tekken3 replied on 11-16-2012 15:38 | Locked

Hey GM,what genre of movie you like

IGN: Monolith

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XillooMM replied on 11-16-2012 15:43 | Locked

How much time use Chuck Norris to do a house?



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ThaKillMachi replied on 11-16-2012 15:43 | Locked

@ Duchess : what do you like more... Cookies or waffles? 
IGN : *-*Machi*-* 

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R3specT replied on 11-16-2012 18:28 | Locked

GM Duchess what is your favorite weapon forever  ? :)


In Game ;X_-G0gl3-_X

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CroArmySB replied on 11-16-2012 18:45 | Locked


If you could make a time travel and meet your 10 years old self,what advice would you give to her?

IGN: Crazy_Croat

Peace out...

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