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[Feedback]: Post your best patch related screenshot

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GMDuchess Posted: 10-11-2012 18:29 | Locked

Hello Everyone!

This will be the discussion/ feedback thread for the ongoing event!

You can find the submission page here!
Please remember to be kind and constructive!

Thank you,



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cantstopme1 replied on 10-14-2012 2:10 | Locked

So few participants in the event tense


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Nabzer replied on 10-14-2012 2:14 | Locked


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FearTheSun replied on 10-15-2012 13:56 | Locked

I liked the event itself as I like screenshot contests. However, I still have two suggestions because these events could be even better!

  • Add Competition!

You could chose the three images the office has chosen best and post them somewhere. Maybe these players could get some 'larger' reward. Ultra motivating to get more people to participate would be 1,000 RP; but any other special reward for these winners would do the job. As cantstopme1 said: There haven't been many people participating.

  • Include Social Media!

This would be a great event to share to Facebook and Twitter, or even to YouTube! I'd personally love to see screenshots featured at social sites. For Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you could simply create a album with all the screenshots in there. This could be combined with the "add competiton" point; you could do that like NfS on their FB pages: After a screenshot contest, let the community decide which screen is the best - highest amount of likes means best screenshot.

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scknature replied on 10-20-2012 13:16 | Locked

What are the results

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GoldCookiez replied on 10-20-2012 13:42 | Locked


What are the results

All participants with proper screenshots have received their rewards.

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TheShadowRO replied on 11-16-2012 1:17 | Locked

+1 i like-it

since all participating players are get GR reward :)

is fun and simple - take a screenshot and post-it :)

now for that kind of "work" and all are winners i think the reward are very good - keep-it up

p.s. i got my mp5 thx to 3k gp from this event ! :)

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MegaMaster15 replied on 01-27-2013 11:25 | Locked

Nice event , but maybe the gm's can say what is really patch related :)


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hazuka2012 replied on 01-28-2013 13:10 | Locked

Duchess, why haven't you been showing in Alpha Channel 1? :o

I really miss you, + Just me seeing " CF_Brass9" makes me feel better, but now, only Brass 8 is there .___.

and thank you






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Freman93 replied on 02-22-2013 8:48 | Locked

Hey guys do you have received the prizes for the last screenshot event?

Or i'm the only one who didn't received them?

P.S: I have correctly put my IGN as you can see here


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Thank you ;) 

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mambo150 replied on 02-22-2013 9:00 | Locked

You're not the only one.

I haven't received it to.

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MegaMaster15 replied on 02-22-2013 9:17 | Locked

I didn't recive the prize too.I contacted the 1:1 support and they say that they will give them as fast as possible.

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fresh1999e80 replied on 02-22-2013 9:41 | Locked

ye me too

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