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Ice Posted: 09-14-2018 19:04 | Locked

4real gave me the opportunity to run this event, so please show him some love ingame;)


  1. Please only ONE POST.
  2. You MUST include your IGN (In game name) somewhere in the post or your signature. No IGN, No Rewards
  3. Be clean! Be respectful! Adhere to the Code of Conduct!
  4. Any use of multiple accounts in the same IP, only one account will be rewarded.
  5. If your response violates these rules or the Terms of Use in any way, you may be subject to disqualification from future MOD events.
  6. My 2 favorite answers will get 3 MOD Capsules + 1 RP Ticket


Prizes are based on participation. This means that as long as you follow the rules, you will be receiving the following prizes:

  • 1 MOD Capsule for participation
  • 3 MOD Capsules + 1 RP Ticket

The question is:

What social media do you use and which one is the best for you? If you dont, which messanger is better to stay in touch with closest people?

As soon as prizes are distributed, we will inform you in THIS thread.

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MrMadskillz replied on 09-14-2018 19:31 | Locked

I guess I like Instagram a lot since it got stories too now, gives you a chance to see what others got going on in their lifes. 

Discord is very nice too, such a nice platform to meet everyone of the community!

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Grind2Win replied on 09-14-2018 19:50 | Locked

I use instagram and twitter to follow some yters and so, I mostly use discord for almost everything and for chatting with school friends when we are not on discord and family whatsapp

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Z8Eaglen2 replied on 09-14-2018 19:56 | Locked

Twitter / Discord is the best combo for me

from memes to serious stuff, you can get everything in those two !

IGN: -Fl4Sh*ScP_

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SKYN3TGIGN replied on 09-14-2018 19:59 | Locked

I'm using SnapChat, Messenger, Twitter, Teamspeak and Discord. I think Discord is the best so far for the gamers ok so my favourite is Discord fire






and Discord is the best because Ice is using it too :DD


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WinstonBG replied on 09-14-2018 20:17 | Locked

I use a phone... you know... to phone other people...



IGN - WinstonBG

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Entropyst replied on 09-14-2018 21:02 | Locked

WhatsApp cuz WhyNot. 

Discord for gaming and friends tho

4Real | Player Moderator

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MateusPT replied on 09-14-2018 22:37 | Locked

Hi Hi Icey,

I use Discord, is a preatty good social media. Very embracing and pretty xD!

Hope you give me 3 mod caps :))


IGN: MateusPT03

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utfkyubkijln replied on 09-14-2018 23:52 | Locked

Facebook and its Messenger babe <3


IGN: Star*South

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23232ddd replied on 09-15-2018 1:37 | Locked

Facebook is all I use, only once a day max. xd

Got other social media too but never use it tho :D




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Jurea replied on 09-15-2018 4:30 | Locked

I've snapchat, facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, tinder and a youtube channel. I use everything rarely, except I use facebook messenger and youtube on a daily basis. By far the best one is youtube of course. I spend way too much time there 🙈

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hgsrag replied on 09-15-2018 5:51 | Locked

I use facebook, instagram and snapchat. The best i think its instagram, and the best messenger its Facebook's Messenger.


IGN: mvk-

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P4NDA_ replied on 09-15-2018 7:05 | Locked

Oi there Icyboi,


I do got accounts on most socialmedia sites but i dont use them. (:

Snapchat - to lazy to update it.

Twitter - Naa to lazy again.

Facebook - Only look at funny stuff when im bored.

Discord - Only use this for gaming stuff.

Whatsapp - This one i use all the time.

LinkedIn - Use this one for some networking for my job.

Reddit - Use this for the good memes :>

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TheShadowRO replied on 09-15-2018 7:24 | Locked

Facebook, messanger

discord, twitch tv

youtube, twitter

instagram, skype

i like them all 

but discord i love the most.

IGN: TheShadowRO

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AirHayk replied on 09-15-2018 10:47 | Locked

My mainly social media is Instagram. I'm on it every day every hour every seconde but for me the best messanger still Discord because I can talk in about crossfire ^^😘😘


IGN : AirPro

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