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ico53 posted on 08-23-2018 23:06

Im playing with the same hackers im seeing every day for the past month and none of them are getting banned.

And today im playing and barely climbing against them and i get a random client error, lose 30-40 points and a half hour restriction. Im getting pretty sick of this, and these kind of things make me wanna stop playing all together... I demand those points back or some sort of substitution.

IGN - Maximumskill

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Hello, ico53!


I understand your frustration, but at the moment to help to fight with hackers there is only one way, is reporting via support tickets.

The support team will check the player who is cheating in your opinion and take actions. Hacking usage was never tolerated on CROSSFIRE EUROPE.

If you want to improve your gaming experience on ranked matches, please just report these players.


About the random client error, I usually don't have many of these, please note that some errors can be caused by your connection. Unfortunately, you cannot get back your lost points due to the ranked system itself, that counts errors/dc as a leaving the match.


For the past couple of months, I did not get any random dc or error problems if it is not my connection.

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