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GreYiorgos replied on 08-06-2018 1:49 | Locked

Let's be honest ... The only thing i dont like is my friends ... i slept while i was doin sunabthing and this happened .... IGN : [SnP]*Sn1pez

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Kleoalb1 replied on 08-06-2018 12:24 | Locked

My least favourite thing about summer is getting taken away by the exams, college is hard, the struggle is real lol xD

IGN: KO-Shoter

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iMpWezzye replied on 08-07-2018 10:17 | Locked

Probably heat,constant dehydration,and sweating 

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996480133 replied on 08-07-2018 16:09 | Locked

the heat.

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scantrix replied on 08-07-2018 16:39 | Locked

ign: -Scantrax-

my least favorite thing about summer is definitely the part about being unable to cuddle in the night because touching other persons in any kind of way just feels like touching a heater which will boil your blood and organs x.x

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