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Downloading and patching files error

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luncairen posted on 07-06-2018 16:35

Please help me. My CF update patch has been stopped here without any response. It started at 0/18, and the restart will move forward a bit, Now it's 0/11 and I'm not moving forward, what should I do? 

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You could try to restart it. If this doesn't help, try to reinstall it. If that doesn't help to, then something is wrong with your Net, or even the Computer.

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Turn off your antivirus while you are installing / patching the game.

Make sure you are using a wired connection (not WiFi)

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I have been tried, it doesn't work. Now every time I reboot it goes a little bit further。

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Provide more info:

Windows version

Antivirus name and any other background programms running


Internet type,  examples:

* If you are using a laptop with WiFi to your home router - need to check what connection you have the home router

** For WiFi connection - try close WiFi and connect your laptop with a cable to the router, sometime updated WiFi drivers act worse then older version - just to check if WiFi is the problem or not.


Internet speed, just run a test on and choose a server from Germany


P.S. I was experience such errors when my internet speed dropped from 14 Mbps to 1 Mbps dues to some ISP technical problems, but was solved next day


P.S.2 If you have patience try download and install the EN version of the game from here :  - sometime ago seems DE version have some issues - could be same err again only with DE version

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