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R.I.P. John Peter Bain aka TotalBiscuit

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WinstonBG Posted: 05-26-2018 20:56

On the 24th of May the gaming world lost one of the more reasonable, honest and fair people.

John Peter Bain aka TotalBiscuit  passed away. He left this world at the age of 33. He will be remembered by many and loved by all.

God bless your soul!



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God bless his soul! rose


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R.I.P With so much respect I can give. God bless his soul. 


Peace Toxii


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R.I.P :/

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33, that's Headshot! young. Such a shame, R.I.P. rose

  "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" rose        

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It's really shocking... Few years back he told everyone he was clean from the disease... And many ppl refused to believe that it returned. Many don't want to accept it...

He was really an amazing person. Rest in peace John.



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