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ToxaBox posted on 05-14-2018 18:27

When CF 2 comes out will we get our weapons from cf eu on that new cf or we have to buy everything again? i spent like 1500€ on the game...

And will cf eu still work ?

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CF2 is completely different engine based game, so we WON'T be able to have any items from CF being transfered to CF2.

You will have to start from 0.

And no one knows what will happen to CF.


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CF2 and CF EU (and every other CF version) are completely different games.
That means that none of your items will transfer to CF2. But it's not a total loss, you had fun with those items, right? That's what the whole purpose of getting them was :)

There are no plans to close CF EU when CF2 comes out, so you should still be able to play the game normally.

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Imo, cf is following CS road... When the cf2 will announced some of them will play... (players with good pc's) and others will play classic cf ;)

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I have good pc :P

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