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Namecard weapons Master[ Ticket ] + issues Last Update

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CeNabeTis posted on 05-12-2018 1:23


First: Last day in Namecard i kept got errors and couldn't complete last day to get the Namecard ( which mean i didn't miss anyday just to get this namecard and after all i didn't bcs the errors ) because that issues that i mention with MOD and i send ticket before Last answer was in 05 may i didn't heard from them agin,

'i kept got errors in Last while i was tried complete it with afriend is there's anychance to get this name card as it's little bit not my fault and my Ping was 80 but kept got errors over and over,

2: With the new update i was trying to complete the new events keep got this stuff,and i miss May10,11 from the capsules i keep missing stuff over and over atleast i wanna get this Namecard so bad i can forget about the Capsules from this 2 days but Namecard i really Hope if i can get this.i will be thankful about that.(it kept Ban and waste time before I Hope this Patch without same issues as the last one. ) 

Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt...

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I'm not sure what the GM's can do for you. I hope you'll hear from them soon regarding the ticket you send!

It might be because of the service transfer this patch that they have to catch up on a lot of support tickets. You'll probably get a reply soon.

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There is probably overload in tickets system so you have to wait a little bit longer.

But tbh with you, i doubt you will get the namecard, quite unfortunately:/


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