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FearCrads Posted: 05-09-2018 17:43

Hello everyone

I just went to my driving license exam today.... and it went bad.

I did everything correctly, almost 20 mins pass of the exam and then, on a road where cars can go both ways (I thought the road was very thin if you know what I mean for cars to come from one end to the other) and I assumed it was an one way only road... well that was it. 

Since I assumed that, I positioned the most left possible to turn and he said I went into the other direction the cars come, and that took it right there.


Now, my job depends on getting a driver's license and Im not very positive about the 2nd attempt I will have in a few weeks. Had to play 310 euros to repeat, that itself is a blow already, and Im a very nervous person, what if I fail again... my future depends on this 2nd attempt.


Im asking if anyone that has failed, what was your method? How did you manage to deal with the ansiety?


I myself try to remain calm but I always panic, and when I do a small error, Idk, I just "stop" there and do lots of them after that, it's like a roller coaster.



Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to express myself since Idk what to do, If I fail, my job is at risk, they might as well replace me....


Thanks anyway, whoever reads all this and answers.

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Hey mate, sorry to hear it didn't go the way you had planned it. My situation was kind of the same, everything went perfect until I looked in my left mirror to find the scooter that had just disappeared and thus I somehow missed a car coming from my right. So, basically failed on seeing behaviour as well, just like you. Don't feel to bad about it though, most people fail their first time (it's like an unspoken driver academy policy).

What I would suggest, keep practising until the exam and ask your pharmacy for some pills against stage fright. I took these as well, because I always want to overperform. These medicines honestly really help as they will take all the stress away, so you can really focus on the task ahead. Be sure to ask for two and try one of these a week before to see what kind of effect they have on you. Furthermore, you know what to look out for this time. The whole routine is in your memory and next time it'll go much better, trust me. Once you're back on the road, everything should be pretty straightforward.

Quite frankly, the whole exam thing is nothing special. It's a driving lesson with another person next to you, but people hype themselves over nothing. Let me know if there's something else you'd like to know or need help with, hey. Best of luck, you're going to ace it!

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You are better than this guy.



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Thanks for the reply man.


Do you have knowledge of any driving simulator that can help me practice? Controlling the car is not the problem, it's the "environment" around me that makes me panic. Traffic, etc etc

I have more driving lessons to attend to, but anything helps since I wanna make sure I go 100% ready to the 2nd attempt.



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That sounds a lot like performance anxiety.

I recommend listening to some low-volume music that relaxes you. And if your instructor doesn't allow it, just recite some lyrics in your head from time to time (but be careful not to drift away).

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Hey there, 


Hmm My drive-license is actually 10 years ago but i still can remember it like it was yesterday. 

I know how u feel ( like everyone who is doing that license), everyone gets nervous but what i Can give u on that way is, to just believe in urself! Dont make urself more nervous than u are already. U learned all the stuff and know it, u just need to realise that u know and can make it. 

If u dont believe in urself, then noone will. 

Go with a positive mind to that license and try to be cool :)) 

I wish u the Best ( Luck isnt needed) carrot




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