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snulk Posted: 04-02-2018 13:07

Xanax is a fresh started CF clan with goals to grow big within the pub/scrim range. We'll try to play Clan War as much as we can. (If there's interest in playing ESL in the future, it will most definitely be played) 

I haven't had time to set up a TS3 server yet, but it's to come. 

17+ is a big bonus, we want to have the conversations mature but funny at the same time, not in a stiff way is what I'm saying.

We'd like to see that people interested in joining at least have 3-4 years of CF experience. 

I'd (we) - like to see everyone online playing in the same room.

For contact - message me here and fill out the form below.



Age - 

Experience (in years)

How many hours do you usually play? -

What's your IGN (ingame name?) -

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Good luck with your clan! I hope you find the ammount of members you want with high standards like these.. :P

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The hardest part is finding members, most of the time people know each other IRL and they have buddies in common etc. That's not the case here, I'll struggle with finding members for at least 2-3 months I can promise you that. Since the playerbase on CF is 12-15 year olds and not many of them like to play with vanilla weapons etc. Thanks anyway shame

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hi, solid clan name. I'd love to join but unfortunately I don't meet the requirements :(

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PM me and we'll figure something out!

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Hello, do you still search for members? =)

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Are you still looking for members?

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