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Druzzz replied on 03-11-2018 5:56 | Locked

my favourit weather is sunny weather i mean when its not too hot or too cold like spring weather. you can walk outside not wearing big jackets and just enjoy in walks cant wait for it :D

ign 2ipl23

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CeNabeTis replied on 03-11-2018 7:39 | Locked

Autumn,when it's alittle cold but not too much and just like you i like thunderstorm and rains specials the Rain but most of times i'm at home not outside like before or sleeping so i miss the changes in the weather ^^ .

IGN: xvodka

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CeNabeTis replied on 03-11-2018 7:40 | Locked

haha my IGN not allowed to be in so ^^ it's V  xd you will notice that anyway ;


Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt...

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aida222 replied on 03-11-2018 8:29 | Locked

Summer :)

IGN: Aneex

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eris02 replied on 03-11-2018 9:53 | Locked

My favourite weather is Summer .


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PociskPL replied on 03-11-2018 13:29 | Locked
My favorite weather is the gray sky and lots of lightning that cross the sky. To this rain falling from the sky. 

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Win32Trojan replied on 03-11-2018 15:32 | Locked

When there is hail storm because it's like watching diamond balls falling from the sky love


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996480133 replied on 03-11-2018 18:51 | Locked

snowy dayssnow

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aRealStone replied on 03-11-2018 20:01 | Locked

Snow love


ign; -BraveStone

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Entropyst replied on 03-11-2018 20:50 | Locked

Heavy rain with thunder.

Best sleeping weather.

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AntoPR0DIGY replied on 03-11-2018 21:01 | Locked

Spring, because i love that weather ( not hot , not cold )  :) heart


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MassivEME replied on 03-12-2018 3:50 | Locked

In my oppinion is there no favorite weather....

Is it to cold you will say: If it was summer it will be much better because it won't be cold then.

Is it to warm: I can't wait till the winter. To warm right now.


But after all I rather have thunderstorms. Love to see them. The closer the better! :D



IGN: [ODS]Rob.


IGN: Wetmost


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