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MOD Forum Event - What is your favorite silenced weapon in the game?

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Citru Posted: 02-10-2018 16:29 | Locked

Hello beautiful people, it is Citru coming at you with this week's Forum Event!



  1. Please only ONE POST.
  2. You MUST include your IGN (In game name) somewhere in the post or your signature. No IGN, No Rewards
  3. Be clean! Be respectful! Adhere to the Code of Conduct!
  4. Any use of multiple accounts in the same IP, only one account will be rewarded.
  5. If your response violates these rules or the Terms of Use in any way, you may be subject to disqualification from future MOD events.
  6. My 2 favorite answers will get 2 MOD Capsules + 1 RP Capsule.



Prizes are based on participation. This means that as long as you follow the rules, you will be receiving the following prizes: 

  • 1 MOD Capsule for participation
  • 2 MOD Capsules + 1 RP Capsule (random) for 2 favorite answers

The question is:

What is your favorite silenced weapon in the game?

As soon as prizes are distributed, we will inform you in THIS thread.

My favorite silenced weapon is the AK47-S Sakura. I really enjoy the challenge that comes with firing an AK-47 in general, the silencer is definitely a bonus which is just the icing on the cake!

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t4sosGR replied on 02-10-2018 16:36 | Locked

Im not beautiful :(


My favourite silenced weapon is M4 Jewel -s  , one of the few vvips that dont make a sound, usefull in many occasions like Ghost Mode ^^

Ign : t4sos 


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996480133 replied on 02-10-2018 16:39 | Locked

M200 Cheytac-Xmas   best sniper:) kill others from nowhere

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Entropyst replied on 02-10-2018 16:40 | Locked

My favorite silenced weapon is the M14EBR-Divine Dragon. The DD skin is amazing on anything you put it on, and the M14 is no exception.

But my favorite silencer shooting sound has to go to the Mod0, it has such an ear-friendly sound.

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mambo150 replied on 02-10-2018 16:47 | Locked

My favorite silenced weapon is the MSR-S. Don't get my wrong. Yes, this is indeed a underwhelming gun. Mainly because of the scope. But once you get used by it it is extremely funny to use this sniper. Mainly in TDM matches, "QS" in close range. People will pick up your weapon. But they will have no clue to use it. Because of this the MSR-S is my favorite silenced underrated weapon.

IGN: mambo150

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Shabbina replied on 02-10-2018 17:09 | Locked

My fav is absolutely the M4 Bandage heart 


Ign: Ms*Shabbina 




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Ice replied on 02-10-2018 17:29 | Locked

Desert Eagle - Silencer:)


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GhostGR replied on 02-10-2018 18:06 | Locked

m4a1 Red Dragon (without the weird movement)

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PoeticPro replied on 02-10-2018 18:11 | Locked

P90 silenced 

But that doesn't exist in a silenced form to my knowledge 

So.. m4 crystal qq

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Walleo replied on 02-10-2018 18:56 | Locked

KAC ChainSAW Furious Dragon.

150 bullets of pure madness, good recoil, nice Bio weapon (pre AA-12 Buster domination) and skin.

Yes it's silenced.

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TUGASOTAQUE replied on 02-10-2018 18:57 | Locked

I think is m4a1 silence noble beastno



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Tony98776 replied on 02-10-2018 19:24 | Locked

D.E Silencer

Ma name Tony

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MrMadskillz replied on 02-10-2018 19:29 | Locked

I would have to go for the M4A1-S-Predator. The translucent look, alien like animations and red details make this rifle a real eye catcher. Other than that it's a rifle that dominates in regular matches and mutation mode.

Need to add this masterpiece to my collection soon.. :}

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x4zevwqt replied on 02-10-2018 20:04 | Locked

D.E - Silencer too 

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WinstonBG replied on 02-10-2018 20:29 | Locked

MK18-Mod0 Cyber.

I just love this rare gun. When I see it I always try to play with it. Great looks, nice stats and lovely silencer sound.



IGN - WinstonBG

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