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can someone buy me rp or vip plez [:}]

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GoldenName Posted: 01-13-2018 3:48 | Locked


i will be so thankful if u bought me any of those thanks 

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imxpx replied on 01-13-2018 4:17 | Locked

Oh, you're the scammer who says "who want rp whisper me okey" every day in the lobby.

You might get a reward, but it won't be RP or VVIP... stop

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WinstonBG replied on 01-13-2018 5:43 | Locked



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Entropyst replied on 01-13-2018 9:48 | Locked

Sure, just sell me your soul :)

Look, nobody will give you free stuff here man. I'm locking this thread.

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