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Fusion1997 replied on 11-11-2017 18:47 | Locked

Claw grip, because i have small mouse what i take from grandma and i don't have money to buy normal mouse for normal (palm) grip...


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trelos13 replied on 11-11-2017 19:40 | Locked

I prefer the palm grip. The reason is simple. Mouse needs love. Love is important because with that feeling, you can destroy the enemies with only one tap. So mouse needs a warm handling through palm grip.

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tiensing replied on 11-11-2017 20:14 | Locked

Generally plam grip, which is the most comfortable, while gaming probably i use fingertip too. You must be trying too hard to go for the claw grip lol


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OldMine replied on 11-11-2017 20:43 | Locked

I prefer the palm grip cool

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AntoPR0DIGY replied on 11-11-2017 21:07 | Locked

i prefer to use Palm Grip ,  because i feel more stability in the moments when i need to aim and shoot.
Others mouse grip are little discomfort and irritating for me.
For that i use Palm Grip.


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Miguelzinh replied on 11-11-2017 22:37 | Locked

Palm Grip for comfort 100% :D


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UnLtdAmmo replied on 11-12-2017 8:40 | Locked

I always used palm grip since the start, so yeah, thats my preferred mouse grip up. I also tried the 3 out consciously right now and claw feels really uncomfortable, like my fingers are goin to cramp up really really soon OO. But for the fingertip grip, I dont know, it doesnt feel that uncomfortable, just unfamiliar... I also read somewhere, that when you use the fingertip grip + not resting your arm on the table, your aim can be improved by a lot, because you can use a lower sensitivity and your arm muscles will be more accurate than only your wrist muscles when it comes to muscle memory. It sounded really plausible and interesting but well, I'm just too lazy to train it shameshameshame

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OtroMundo replied on 11-12-2017 9:21 | Locked

Palm grip. I 'm a gentle dude.

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Lappen87 replied on 11-12-2017 9:25 | Locked

I preferred Palm Grip cuz it is confortable but i use Fingertip Grip for precision 



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bomberbam replied on 11-12-2017 9:34 | Locked

I prefer palm grip since i have deathadder elite mouse

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TUGASOTAQUE replied on 11-12-2017 17:43 | Locked

I prefer fingertip grip because my mouser is more biggest than my hand so i only can do this way XD but if my mouse were small i prefer fingertrip grip beacuse its how i play better



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xVermillion replied on 11-12-2017 17:52 | Locked

Palm grip, it's just the most comfortable to me, and my wrist isn't laying on the mousepad/table (which can cause a lot of health problems over time) because my palm grips the mouse and my wrist is "in the air".

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SoulBest replied on 11-12-2017 18:01 | Locked


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stevengood replied on 11-12-2017 18:58 | Locked

Palm grip for everrr ! XD

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bigggestboi replied on 11-12-2017 18:58 | Locked

I prefer the fingertip grip. I feel most mobile using that gripo.

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