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Official In-game Rules

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Walleo Posted: 10-30-2017 18:49 | Locked

Official In-Game Rules

Welcome to CROSSFIRE Europe. 

When you are in-game, we expect that you show at least a minimum amount of respect and understanding for other community members and the Smilegate Europe staff. Community members that play CROSSFIRE Europe should be able to do so without having to fear hostility or disrespect. 

The following set of rules is provided as to further outline our expectations when it comes to your conduct in-game. 

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time without notice, so it is a good idea to have a look at them from time to time. 

Please note that these rules should be considered as an addendum to our Terms of Use( – they do not replace them. 

If you violate this code of conduct the CROSSFIRE Europe team reserves the right to take actions against your account. These may vary according to how grave the violation is and can range from a warning, through kicks from the game, up to a temporary or permanent ban of your account.

§1.0 General Behavior

a) Please do not insult other members of the community – or provoke them into insulting / attacking someone else.

  • CROSSFIRE Europe is not a place for personal insults or feuds. If someone provokes or insults you, just report him and be smarter than the other player.

b) Do not insult or provoke members of the Smilegate Europe or the Moderator team.

  • There may be times where you do not agree with the actions of a team members or Smilegate Europe as a whole. We understand that. Publicly insulting or otherwise attacking members of the Smilegate Europe team is not the proper way to change things. Please be smart and contact a moderator or GM in a private conversation, send us a ticket or be constructive in the forums.

c) Do not harass other members of the community. The same rule applies to wishing for someone to come to physical harm. (e.g. “I hope you get cancer and die”).

  • Cyber bullying is a problem these days, and we will act accordingly. Please treat other community members with the same respect you wish to be treated with – and leave them alone if they wish to be left alone. 

d) Racist and / or discriminating remarks will not be tolerated under any circumstance. 

  • We here at Smilegate Europe believe that each and every member of this community should be treated as equal, no matter their nationality, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation or ethnicity and we expect the same behavior from you. 

e) Please do not, under any circumstance, threaten to bring physical harm to a member of this community – or anyone else.

  • This will lead to a permanent ban of the account. The local authorities will be notified.

So just DO NOT DO IT – We have warned you, just don’t, ok?

§1.1 Trolling 

a) Do not disrupt the gameplay of fellow players. This includes as an example: spamming other players with private messages; disrupting their gameplay by standing in front of them; following them around and giving away their position by shooting; sending multiple radio messages continuously; etc.

b) Do not spam other players with messages. This is considered disruptive. This rule is also applied to using the Server / Channel Megaphone. If you are caught repeatedly flooding the chat / megaphone with messages actions will be taken against you.

c) Do not disrupt events started by the Smilegate Europe Staff & the Moderators. 

  • From time to time the Smilegate Europe staff or a Moderator will start special in-game events, allowing community members to join. Play nice, play fair and have fun together and don’t disturb the room or event with spamming or misbehave in any other way.


§2 Cheats & “Hacks”

a) Do not under any circumstances use 3rd Party Programs 

  • Cheating and exploiting is a serious offense and we have a zero tolerance policy towards it. So please, for your own good, don't use any macros or cheats otherwise further actions will be taken. 

b) Please do not publicly accuse another member of this community (or a clan) of hacking. Also, please use the proper way of reporting (a ticket) for reporting suspected cheaters in private. 

  • In recent times it has become more and more common that players accuse each other of cheating. Although this issue isn’t isolated to CROSSFIRE Europe, it is still an issue. Losing a game alone (or getting killed repeatedly) does not necessarily mean that your enemy is using cheats. Accept that there are players out there that are faster or better skilled than you. However, if you truthfully suspect someone of cheating, please report them to the CROSSFIRE Europe team – but do not attempt to discuss the issue in public.


§3 Account Trading / Selling / Sharing / Scamming

a) Each account created by you may only be used by you and you alone. It is in your very own interest to keep your account’s data to yourself. Do NOT, under any circumstance, share it with anyone else. 

  • We take account trading and account sharing very seriously. It is in no way tolerated to share this data. Trading / Selling / Sharing is the main reason if your account gets lost. The second reason why an account could get “lost” is listed under §2 a)

b) Please do not ask members of this community for the login data to their account(s). 

  • As indicated in §3a, account data is to be kept private. Any attempt to gain access to another person’s account will have severe consequences. Nobody is allowed to ask you for your account information. Moderators or Game Masters will NEVER ask for your password!

b) “Public” accounts

  • There will be cases where players will share the ID and Password of an account publically. Please do NOT login on that account. If you see it getting advertised, please report it. Actions will be taken accordingly.


§4 Privacy 

a) Do not give out information (e.g. postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses and the contents of a ticket or other private conversations, etc.) that are not yours.

  • We value the privacy of each member of this community. For that reason never give out any information about others.


§5 Gameplay 

a) Glitching

  • As mentioned in §2, glitching is also a serious offense and we have a zero tolerance policy towards it. Don’t try to break the game mechanics.

b) Helping / Assisting the enemy team

  • The sole purpose of having 2 teams is to have them play against each other. Helping the enemy team by telling them where your teammates are (commonly referred to as “ghosting”), feeding the enemy team is NOT allowed..

c) Deliberately hurting / damaging your team mates

  • Throwing grenades, flashbangs and smokes at your teammates’ faces is considered an offense. This kind of behavior is considered griefing and disruptive of other players’ gameplay.

d) Kill Farming

  • Under no circumstances will we allow farming. Farming (killing AFK players / bots) is strictly forbidden and anyone caught performing it will be punished heavily. We have tools that allow us to see if you farmed or not, you’re never safe if you do it.

e) Rushing mid in any map and game mode (except knife only)

  • We do not tolerate this behavior. If everyone rushes mid to kill (except in knife only rooms), this is STILL considered farming. Playing games to rush the ending of the same game is not considered okay to play.

§5.1 Custom Room Rules 

Please follow this code of conduct for creating your own room. If you create a room with a password, you will have your reason, therefore the password of a room should not be public. Please do not advertise rooms falsely.

a) VVIP Only Rooms

  • This is a tough one. We want every player to enjoy the game the way they want to. And if leveling up is fun for you, we won’t forbid you from playing with other VVIP users.

  • Even though we do not forbid such behavior, we do discourage it, so we ask you to abide to a few rules:

a) Advertising VVIP Only rooms via megaphone is only tolerable if you promote them clearly as VVIP Rooms. You are not allowed to share a room password with megaphone though. Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to spam megaphones.

b) “My room, my rules.” - You are allowed to kick players who don’t have a VVIP item equipped, but don’t treat  other players like dirt while you do. Misbehaving towards others in such cases will be sanctioned severely.

c) Asking other players to kick non-VVIP players is not allowed.

d) You are allowed to change the room name to “VVIP (Only) Room”
This is not to encourage the creation of such rooms, but rather to prevent players from joining such rooms without direct intent.

e) Failure to obey any of the previous rules by any of the room’s players seriously jeopardizes your account. If you see such behavior in a VVIP room you’re playing in, feel free to report what happened in a ticket.

b) Backstreet “Farming”

  • The map Backstreet EM is a very unique and fun map, if played properly. Its long and narrow alleyways live up to the name “Backstreet”, but it has been the topic of a heated discussion. Forcing everyone in the room to rush from one base into the other with melee only and kicking players who disobey this rule is considered an offense. We do not allow such room rules for this map.

  • Similarly to this, you are not allowed to force other players to play in a specific manner to gain more EXP.

  • The mode Elimination is not meant for Knife only. This means that if players are caught using knife only (knife rush) it will be considered farming.

c) Chill Rooms / Chat Rooms 

  • Creating rooms for the sole purpose of being AFK in game and chatting is not allowed as you will gain EXP etc. from being AFK in the room until the time expires. This is not how the game was intended to be played and thus it is not allowed. You are allowed to create a room, and use it as a private chat room for as long as you aren’t in game.

d) “My room, my rules.”


  • If you create a room you show that you want to play the game, therefore we ask of you, as the room owner, be responsible. Don’t misbehave towards others and please always play the game in the intended way.



Thank you for reading! This is updated as 2nd November 2017.

Walleo | Forum Moderator

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