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Citru Posted: 08-27-2017 9:10


Join the Staff!

Do you want to support Crossfire Europe, help your fellow players, and be part of the ESL Admin team? If the answer is yes, then we want YOU! There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than you might think.

If you have a special skill, want to learn how to work in a team, or simply want to help, then the ESL Admin team is the right place for you. If you have a friend that might be interested, then spread the word!


The criteria below is aimed to provide you with a clear understanding of the regular work that we do together as a team. If one or more are not yet there for you, do not be afraid or be hesitant to apply, we always give you enough time to grow, to learn more new and exciting things!



Coming up with new tournament ideas and turning them into reality.

Running tournaments

Create the brackets, place the teams!


Ensuring fair play, with objective and fact based decisions.


Write news of all kinds, from tournament announcements and other content.

Support Specialist

Handling the two forms of tickets that we receive, namely support and protest tickets.





Q: By joining the Admin team, am I allowed to become an Admin for more games simultaneously in the future?

A: Yes you can, as long as you have finished your trial period.

Q: How long does the trial period last?

A: 3 months, starting the day you get selected.

Q: I have a life, do I need to be active everyday?

A: Your personal life is respected, and you do not need to be active everyday, though announcing time away is important, and preferred if it is possible.


This Q&A section will receive updates as the questions come in.

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As of 22/10/17, I'm looking for 2-3 admins

Admins get awesome benefits, and awesome opportunities to make your voice heard. 

I'm looking forward to your applications hat

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Hello everyone,


As you might know I am mambo150. I am an ESL Admin trainee for the Crossfire section since 1 month. And I would like to share some of my experiences.

So in September I applied for the ESL Crossfire section. I wanted to apply for ESL since I want to work for an international company. And ESL gave me that opportunity. Also I want to add some more experience to my resume.

After I applied, I got response that I got accepted in the team. Since day one I am enjoying to manage cups, helping the community and meeting new people from the game and from the company. I want to add aswell that the collegues of the CF section. Are probably the best colleagues you could wish for. They are always ready to help you and always stay stand by. Because of this I learned a ton in my first month.

In the first month I learned aswell that ESL can help you in the future, this is what they offered me so far:


  • Work experience
  • A nice team (CF section and the ESL team itself)
  • Business English experience
  • New contacts and friends


And they might offer these me in the future:


  • Higher positions
  • Comakerships and/or internships
  • Even more…!


That is my experience which I can share with you guys. I hope I will see one of you guys in our team in the future!


Yours faithfully,



IGN: mambo150

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Slots filled, I'm currently not in need of any new admins. I will post again if that changes in the future. 

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Slots filled, I'm currently not in need of any new admins. I will post again if that changes in the future. 

Do you want me to close this and open when the admin position is open?

Walleo | Forum Moderator

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Applications are being accepted, please check out the original post to learn more. DM Citru#7026 on Discord if you have any questions that you would like to ask directly (your privacy is always respected)!

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Applications are no longer being accepted! I will let you know if or when we're searching again!

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