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flegma1986 replied on 08-20-2017 13:01 | Locked

My favorite class is rifle :D


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nenovu1 replied on 08-20-2017 13:01 | Locked

Started with my loyal Scar Light Continued with my wallbanging xm8 But then everything became bright When i used my first sniper barret and made a strike Years changed, fates kick came And then the loyal night, had to make a change Bought a m4 vvip, changed my name Those abusers have no chance    


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SadTravar replied on 08-20-2017 18:47 | Locked


IGN: -SvetiJebem.

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Zarkalo replied on 08-21-2017 6:52 | Locked

rifles, m14 s is just awesome

IGN :  Zarkalo

Playing since open beta 

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SUPERCHINO replied on 08-21-2017 9:35 | Locked





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Entropyst replied on 08-21-2017 21:59 | Locked

You should be getting your rewards soon, I'll notify you when they get distributed both here and in the distribution log thread.

My favorite submission was by t4sos, and nobody else really did anything special, so he's the only favorite.
A warning to *HL-Connor, next time include an IGN in your post or signature, please. I saw your IGN in an old post, so you're on the list this time. But I don't want anybody expecting me to do it, the rules are pretty clear.

neonovu1* and SadTravar**, both of you have been disqualified from the current and next forum event.
neo, you have copy pasted t4sos' post, which shows you put absolutely no effort into your post. We have decided to disqualify you from the next MOD event.
Travar, your post was deemed as troll and won't be as such tolerated.
If any of you disagree with the decisions we made, feel free to send me (or any other MOD) a conversation and explain why you think the disqualification is unreasonable.


4Real | Forum Moderator

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