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E-Sports Summer Overview

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Feraluss Posted: 08-14-2017 14:52

Attention Mercenaries!

Summer was, and still is, very hot in the CROSSFIRE eSports scene. Along with the CFGl in China that has just ended, another edition of The CROSSFIRE Summer League has just finished its qualifiers.

What is the Summer League you ask?

The ESL summer league 2017 is a 5on5 tournament which has been going on for some weeks now. It´s organized by ESL`s admins, those CF players overseeing all eSports competitions we run in cooperation with ESL. With the 8 top teams that qualified, the first group stage match took place last Sunday, on August 13th. Now all the teams are getting warmed up for the next matches on Tuesday, August 15th, and on Thursday, August 17th, that will end the group stage.

After that they move on to the Playoffs on August 20th where each team has a chance to win 5 x 50 000 RP! In total, Smilegate Europe will give out 600 000,00 RP in prizes for the teams!



1sth     5* 50,000 RP

2nd      5* 35,000 RP

3rd       5* 10,000 RP

4th       5* 5,000 RP


How cool is that!? By participating in the summer league players can not only win many valuable prices but also play against the top teams from Europe! Among all the teams playing in the Summer League there is the Portuguese top-team Exotic Esports and the rising star Serenity Sports. As you may know already, both of the teams are also qualified for the CFS European Finals @Gamescom. Don’t miss that!


We wish all the teams the best of luck and hope they don´t forget to have fun playing CROSSFIRE. Don’t forget to stay in touch and follow us on Facebook:


But if you got to know us a bit by now, you should know that’s not all. We are hungry for new challenges and we are sure you are too. So why not to try your chances in the ongoing FNC (Friday Night Cups)?

Every Friday ESL is hosting one tournament, where everyone will compete for FNC points towards the monthly final and to win a fair share of the 90,000 RP.

The Friday Night Cup Monthly Final is a 4 teams double elimination bracket with a BO3 Grand Final. These Monthly Finals will be held on the first Wednesday of each month. Just for qualifying to the Monthly Finals, each team will automatically earn 25,000 RP, but if you reach top 3, you can also earn Bulletproof depending on your position.


Current Monthly Ranking







Gamblers Gaming



ANT eSports






EXEC Esports





Prize money distribution




100,000 RP + Bulletproof Vest & Helmet 30 days


75,000 RP + Bulletproof Vest & Helmet 14 days


50,000 RP + Bulletproof Vest & Helmet 7 days


25,000 RP


To participate in the FNC simply go to ESL website: and sign up for the upcoming FNC. Next one will take place on Friday, August 18th, and another one – surprise – also on Friday, August 25th. ;)


Below you can find some more details about FNC:


GAME: Crossfire

MODE: 5on5, Bo1

PRIZES: 90,000 RP More details


·        Teams must have at least 5 players

·        Players must enter their Crossfire Nickname (EU) game ID

·        Players must play using ESL Anticheat (Wire)

·        Teams must have at least 5 members with residence in one of the following countries:

ad, al, at, ba, be, bg, ch, cy, cz, de, dk, es, fi, fr, gb, gr, hr, hu, ie, is, it, li, lu, mc, me, mk, mt, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, rs, se, si, sk, sm, tr, uk, va

Quick Rules

·        The Round System is 9 Rounds (MR9) for both sides.

·        Round Time: 2 minutes 40 seconds

·        Allowed weapons: The list can be found in the rules under 2.3. Weapons, Characters, Maps, Items

·        If your opponent doesn't appear within 15 minutes, match will be rated as default win for the present team.


You can be sure we are planning more and by then let us know what you think about our eSports activities!

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